Benefits of Goji Juice

The Incredible Benefits of Goji Juice

It is only in recent years that the health benefits of Goji juice have become known to the western world. It is also known as Wolfberry, Happy Berry, Matrimony Vine and Boxthorn.

Goji berries are frequently referred to as Wolfberries (although there is a difference) and are regarded as one of the world’s finest superfoods. Goji berries and the juice have been used in traditional Asian medicine for countless generations.

The Benefits of Goji Juice. Scientific research has validated the remarkable health and regenerative of the Goji berry. For juices or smoothies, learn what this powerful Superfood can do, and how to eat. Try if for breakfast or for weightloss... Also links where to buy.

What are Goji Berries?

Goji is the name that refers only to the Tibetan variety of Lycium berry that is indigenous to the Tibetan and Mongolian regions. Local harvesters are very cautious to make the distincion between Goji berry and its distantly related offspring, the Chinese Wolfberry (Lycium barbarum).

Although the Wolfberry originated from the Tibetan Lycium berry variety, having evolved over centuries, the nutrient makeup of the two berries differs greatly.

Through the ages there have been legends created about this wonderful, health giving fruit, the goji berry. There are festivals held to celebrate the goodness of Goji berries and there has even been a poem written to honour it!

Healthy Goji Berries on Tree

One Goji Berry legend goes like this:

During the Tang Dynasty around 800 AD, a well had been dug beside a wall near a famous Buddhist temple that was covered with Goji vines. Over the years, countless Goji berries had dropped down inside this well. Those who prayed beside the well had the ruddy complexion of good health and even at the age of eighty they had no white hair and had retained all of their teeth, simply because they drank the water from the well.

It is said that the Himalayans were the very first of the worlds first natural healers, and that they shared their wisdom with the ancient herbalists of China, Tibet, and India. One of their most prized secrets was the fruit of the native goji vine, which had been flourishing in the Himalayan valleys since the beginning of time. Those who came there to learn took the goji home with them and planted it in their own valleys, thus spreading the legend of this most marvelous and healthful fruit.

Since its discovery in the Himalayas, those who know of the remarkable goji berry are awed by its unmatched health-promoting powers. The people of Central Asia cherish the Goji berries so much that they devote two weeks each year to festivals in honor of Goji.

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“Many of the world’s longest living people consume regular daily helpings of a tiny red fruit that just happens to be the world’s most powerful anti-aging food: the Goji Berry.”

Dr. Mindell – Author of Goji: The Himalayan Health Secret

Benefits Of Goji Juice

Research has shown that Goji’s unique polysaccharides control and command many of the body’s most vital biochemical defense systems. These polysaccharides which are the most important of the bioactive components in goji berries, are accountable for many of the benefits of Goji juice and berries. Scientists discovered four primary bioactive polysaccharides in Lycium barbarum which they named Lycium barbarum polysaccharides (LBP).

Scientific research from major universities around the world has validated the remarkable health benefits of the goji berry claimed by the Himalayan Healers thousands of years ago. Over 50 studies have already been published in prestigious health journals, including:

British Journal of Nutrition, International Immunopharmacology, Journal of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Journal of Ethno pharmacology China Pharmacology and Toxicology, Chinese Herb News Magazine Research Communications Molecular Pathology and Pharmacology Chinese Patent Herbs, Chinese Herbs, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery Chinese Oncology Magazine, Hygiene Research, Physiology Academic Journal Chinese Stomatology, And Many More…

Some of the Many Benefits of Goji Juice and Berries

  • Normalizes secretion of HGH, the body’s growth hormone
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood lipids
  • Improves insulin utilization and blood sugar management
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves immune function
  • Improves sleep

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Goji Berry Nutrition

The Goji berry is chock full of important nutrients along with many powerful antioxidants:

  • Has 18 Amino Acids, and that is six times more than can be found in bee pollen.
  • Contains more Beta Carotene than carrots
  • Higher in Iron than spinach
  • Contains 21 Trace Minerals
  • Has 500 times more Vitamin C by weight than oranges.
  • The 13 % protein in the Goji Berry is greater than whole wheat and causes an insulin-like action that is very effective in fat decomposition.
  • Goji Berries are loaded with Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and Vitamin E, and with many other vitamins and minerals.

One liter of Himalayan Goji Juice contains the polysaccharides equivalent of 2.2 pounds of fresh goji berries. Anti-aging experts believe that adding as little as four ounces of Goji juice to your daily diet can result in incredible health benefits, and that its anti-aging properties are so intense as to prolong human life by as much as twenty years or more.

Dr. Earl Mindell who is the author of the best selling book The Vitamin Bible, spent years researching connections between longevity and nutrition. He discovered that many of the world’s longest living people all have something in common: “They consume regular daily helpings of a tiny red fruit that just happens to be the world’s most powerful anti-aging food: the Goji berry.”

Benefits of Goji Juice for Weightloss

In an Asian anti-obesity research, patients were given goji every morning and every afternoon. The results of this study were exceptional with most patients losing a significant amount of weight. In an animal study, it was shown that goji’s master molecule polysaccharides improved the conversion of food into energy and reduced body weight.

Weight Loss Benefits of Goji Juice

  • Increased fat burning
  • Less fat storage
  • Reduction of food cravings
  • More energy
  • Less fatigue after eating
  • Increased fat burning

Benefits of Goji Juice For Stress Relief

Researchers at UCLA and elsewhere have demonstrated conclusively the interconnection between stress and high cortisol levels.It has been suggested that goji’s unique stress-lowering ability can help to normalize cortisol levels. If you can reduce stress, you will minimize or eliminate the harmful effects of cortisol.

In Asia, it is said that regular eating of goji berries gives a person a cheerful attitude and of course nothing beats good cheer for overcoming stress.

So it seems as though the Goji berry, a tiny brightly colored fruit, may possibly be the most nutritionally dense and restorative food that there is anywhere on Mother Earth – for the healing of mankind.

Goji Berries For Breakfast or Smoothies

How To Use Goji Berries:

Well, I like to just eat them! They are delicious just by themselves and make a fantastic pick-me-up snack. Especially around mid-afternoon. You can use Goji berries in almost any dish you can think of. Try tossing a handful in your salad. Give a great start to your day by adding some to your morning cereal or porridge.

Make a tea with them by steeping the berries in “almost” boiling water for five minutes or so. You can add your favorite herbal tea as well, for extra flavor. The flavor blends very nicely with Chai and Jasmine teas. Don’t toss the berries out though! Make sure you eat them when you have finished drinking your tea.

You can soak Goji berries to rehydrate them and plump them up. Use a high quality water and soak them for around 6 hours. Soaked Gojis are great for all the above ideas. You can also add them to your smoothies. Soaking your gojis will give you most of the benefits of goji juice.

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