Birthstones Each Month

Explanation Of Birthstones Each Month

Below is a Chart of birthstones for each month, including the Traditional Birthstones, Modern Birthstones, Mystical Birthstones as well as Ayurvedic Birthstones.

Birthstones Each Month Chart. Include the Traditional Birthstones, Modern Birthstones, Mystical Birthstones as well as Ayurvedic Birthstones. Use these crystals for healing, happiness and wealth!

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About Birthstones Each Month

But first a little introduction to birth stones by month. Traditionally, there is one or more gemstone – referred to as a birthstone – associated with every month of the year. Babies that are born in April are lucky enough to have the diamond as their birthstone!

The origin of birthday gemstones (birthstones) is thought to date back to the the time of Moses. It was at Moses’s command that the Breast Plate of Aaron, the High Priest, was made. This breastplate contained twelve gemstones, which reportedly represented the twelve tribes of Israel.

Legends abound throughout history regarding the therapeutic and healing powers of birthstones. The legends says that by wearing a gemstone in it’s assigned birth month gave it even more healing power.

But, for the best of all healing, people should own one each of all the twelve birthday gemstones, and wear each of them individually during their corresponding month. Birthstones (or crystals) have been used since at least the first century as a way of attracting good luck on your birthday.

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Birthstones Chart – Birth Month Stones

Month Traditional Birthstone(s) Modern Birthstone(s) Mystical Birthstone Ayurvedic Birthstone
January Garnet Garnet Emerald Garnet
February Amethyst, Hyacinth, Pearl Amethyst Bloodstone Amethyst
March Bloodstone, Black Jasper Aquamarine Jade Bloodstone
April Diamond, Black Sapphire Diamond Opal Diamond, Sapphire
May Emerald, Agate Emerald Sapphire Agate
June Cat’s Eye, Turquoise, Agate, Alexandrite Moonstone, Pearl Moonstone Pearl
July Ruby, Onyx Ruby Ruby Ruby
August Sardonyx, Carnelian, Moonstone, Topaz Peridot Diamond Sapphire
September Chrysolite Sapphire Agate Moonstone
October Opal, Beryl Opal, Tourmaline Jasper Opal
November Topaz, Pearl Topaz, Citrine Pearl Topaz
December Bloodstone, Ruby Turquoise, Blue Topaz Onyx Ruby

Birthstones Each Month

Birthstones – Identifying your Birthday Gemstones

Every month has it’s very own gemstone with special properties. This list is of the twelve gemstones for correlating birth months. Which one is your own?


January’s gemstone. Garnet has colors that go from dark red to lavender to rose. This is often mistaken for a ruby but when compared, garnet has its deeper effect than that of the latter. It is said that when worn, it has calming, self-rejuvenating effects.


February’s gemstone. This gemstone is known for its elegant violet color that comes in different shades. Amethyst belongs to the quartz family, which is considered as the most valuable gemstone within the group. With a hardness scale of 7, it has been popular for its durability for everyday usage.


March’s gemstone. Derived from its name, aquamarine came from the Latin words water and sea. Aquamarine is the member of the beryl group that when faceted, will show clarity and brightness. Color ranges from pale and light blue, blue green, and sometimes, colorless. Aquamarine will become almost invisible if put under water.


April’s gemstone. The Diamond … Imperishable … Durable. Two words that can describe this special kind of stone that came from the Latin word adamas that means unconquerable. With its hardness scale that reaches over 10, diamond cant be easily broken unless some extreme pressure is applied on it that makes it as the hardest of all gemstones. Diamonds have various sizes and colors like brown, yellow, black, green, pink. Although, the most popular would be the transparent or colorless one.


May’s gemstone. With brilliance of shades of green, this heavily included gemstone can be identified easily with this specific characteristic. Emerald can sparkle amongst spectrum of flame. Emeralds are also fragile stones because of its porous characteristic but have a hardness scale of 7-8.


June’s gemstone. The finish of this top quality stone consisting of calcium carbonate primarily came from mollusks and is created under the depths of deep sea water. Varies widely in size, color, luster and the size of their pores, they are the main categories for grading a pearl. This gemstone comes in shades of white, black, silver, pink, and golden blue. These stones though are highly sensitive to perspiration, perfume, and other liquid that contains high levels of acid.


July’s gemstone. Ruby comes in beautiful shades of pink and fuchsia but is more popular due to its bloody red color. If diamond is the hardest, well, ruby is the most valuable gemstone of them all. With a hardness scale of 9, it is in fact the perfect choice for every class of jewelry.


August’s gemstone. Notwithstanding the fact that their scratch resistance tolerance is low, Peridot had become popular for those who are into the fashion world. With colors as bright as yellow green, brownish, kiwi grren, olive green, this gemstone are considered wearable by those who are advocates with the color green.


September’s gemstone. Sapphire is widely known for its elegant blue hue. Although it also comes in colorless, black, purple, yellow, pink. Because of its intricate characteristic, this stone also considered as the heavens gem. The darker the color, the better.


October’s gemstone. The name was derived from the Indian word meaning stone and is known for its floating fire within. Colors may vary from gray, blue, white, green and pumpkin orange.


November’s gemstone. Citrine varies from golden brown to the lightest of yellow. The glow of this gemstone is delightful enough to enlighten the mood of every occasion.


December’s gemstone. Topaz color ranges in hues of dark blue to intense aqua. The popularity of this gemstone is due to its extravagant color, hardness and affordability.

Antique Birthday Gemstone History

Every gemstone has its own story and some are fascinating enough to be heard. Read on about your individual birthstone each month and it’s history.


It is said that those born in this month are great communicators and are sociable. Garnet, on the other hand, was known long before the time of the Ancient Romans and Greeks. This gemstone looks like a pomegranate seed thus deriving its name from it in the Latin sense. Ancient people associate this gem with fire. The Christians believed that Noah used this to put a certain illumination on his Ark. A gem of constancy, truth and faith.


The amethyst is one of the oldest gemstones used. Associated with royalty, this stone had been used for ecclesiastic purposes too. This is worn by travelers or warriors when being booted to war for protection, avoid intoxication, and is said to bring luck for business matters.


The gemstone aquamarine is known for its seawater color. That when submerged into water it seems to disappear and be invisible. Ancient fishermen wear this stone as safety for their water journey. People back then believed that because this stone posses the qualities of water, the moment they wore this, they are purified. It also brings unfazed youthfulness and happiness throughout life.


A stone that means unconquerable. Diamond has no equal when it comes to hardness. And because of its quality, hardness, outstanding brilliance and rareness, this is one of the most expensive and priceless gemstones ever found. History has it that this stone is only reserved and is exclusively brought upon royalty. A diamond symbolizes eternal happiness through marriage bonds.


A stunning beauty of enchanted green. Emerald had been known as the stone for the gods and goddesses. The Ancient Greeks offered this gemstone for Aphrodite as the symbol of beauty. The Incas worshiped a goddess made of emerald. And it is stated that the bowl that Jesus Christ used during the Last Supper was made of emerald. The Emerald serves as the stone for faith, immortality, intelligence and insight.


This gem made by mollusks as defense from foreign substances is known, before, as the gods tears. This represents the influence of the moon on earth. Aside from the diamond, pearls are also used during nuptials. Pearl symbolizes femininity, wisdom and purity.


Ruby means red. Its majestic color associates this stone with passion and power. Ancient civilizations believed that if a piece of ruby is thrown inside a pot of water, it will cause the water to boil at an instant. Ruby is a sign of attraction and love.


Pharaohs desire this stone. They require their people back then to use peridots as adornments and currency. Furthermore, people only mined this stone during the night for they believe that they glow like lanterns.

Gemstone Books

If you are interested in learning more about Star Signs Stones and Colors, and how to use healing crystals, and birthstones each month – the books are a must. A smaller book that you can carry with you when you are crystal shopping comes in very handy.

Here is a selection of the very best birthstones and gemstone books …

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No.1 Best Seller. Beautifully illustrated. A comprehensive guide to crystals, their shapes, colors and applications

Crystal Healing. Looks at seven crystals attuned to the seven chakras and five
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Judy Hall's Complete Crystal Workshop. Going far beyond a reference guide, The Crystal Experience is more like a personal tutor.
Judy Hall’s Complete Crystal Workshop. Beyond a reference guide, The Crystal Experience is more like a personal tutor.

Crystal Prescriptions: The A-Z Guide to Over 1,200 Symptoms and Their Healing Crystals
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