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The Cure For All Diseases: Yes, you can get The Cure For All Diseases free. You do have to pay around $7 shipping as it is the real book, not a download that you can’t actually sit on your counter top and follow as you are putting things into practice. But it’s a pretty good deal since I paid $35 plus shipping for my copy almost 20 years ago! Update: This free offer has been cancelled due to a problem with the manufacturer. However, you are still able to purchase the book here: The Cure for All Diseases : With Many Case Histories by Hulda Regehr Clark. Please note that I have changed the links in the article below to allow for this.

Cure For All Diseases Free Hulda Clark

Dr Hulda Clark

The Cure For All Diseases was a life-changing book for me, and is one I highly recommend everyone have in their home. In a nutshell, it covers the author’s research into parasites being the causative factor in almost all health problems, including cancer.

The book then goes on to give clear instructions on how to make a little electronic device know worldwide as a “Hulda Clark Zapper”, which destroys parasites in the body, safely. Dr Clark provides a protocol, with clearly defined and thoroughly explained steps for people to take themselves to heal themselves of a wide range of diseases.

I have used the book extensively over the years, referring back to it often. You can read about some of my (interesting) experiences lower down on this page. This book is truly a must read book for anyone who has health problems, and most particularly those who suffer from any type of joint pain, arthritis or fibromyalgia or any type of illness that does not seem to respond to medical treatment – or can’t really even be identified.

The author, Dr. Clark, was persecuted for the cures this book provides you… but since then as you’ll see her work has been widely proven and embraced. Persecution seems to be par for the course with anyone who manages to find a holistic treatment that really works, and does not involve spending heaps of money through the pharmaceutical industry. We all know the costs of treatment for cancer and other “terminal” illnesses can be astronomical.

Tens of Thousands of People!

Cure For All Diseases

The Cure For All Diseases

Anyway, many thousands of people have found great benefit and amazing healings by putting into action the interesting information in Dr. Clark’s book. Dr Clark ran a clinic in Mexico where she  successfully treated very late stage, terminal cancer patients using the principles in the Cure For All Diseases.

When you think these people were expected to die by modern medicine, then Hulda Clark’s work is truly a miracle. And it should be shared with all the world.

What you’ll discover about the real underlying causes of arthritis, joint pain, fibromyalgia, and other chronic inflammation conditions may not be pleasant… but if you truly want to rid yourself of the pain for good, NO book could be more practical and important than this one!

Simple To Understand

Although for some people, this looks like a radical veer away from conventional treatment, the steps to take are relatively simple and easy to understand. The Cure For All Diseases is very comprehensive and supplies all the information you need. This includes recipes, instructions for making Hulda Clark “Zapper” and much more. There are also case studies of more than 100 people, which are enlightening and inspiring and also prove that this method works.

About Dr Hulda Clark

Author of The Cure For All Diseases   Hulda Clark book

The above image is a photo of the back of my copy of The Cure For All Diseases, which includes more than 100 case studies of people who have used this information for amazing cures. As one of the most widely used alternative cancer treatments, Dr Clark’s information in invaluable. Dr Hulda Regehr Clark was a pioneer in the natural health field. She pursued research into the effects of parasites in the body, and following on from Royal Raymond Rife, she developed a simple way to kill them using electricity.

She also developed what has become to be know as the Hulda Clark Parasite Cleanse, an all natural system of expelling these invaders from your body using the Dr Clark Zapper and special herbs. Get it here: The Cure for All Diseases : With Many Case Histories by Hulda Regehr Clark   I am not going to do a review of what is in the book, since it is already so well laid out at that link. What I DO want to do is share here in this page – is some of the things that I have had happen as a result of the Cure For All Diseases Book.

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The Hulda Clark Zapper

I Made A Zapper! Following the instructions in the book I made a Hulda Clark Zapper. I had never had anything to do with electronics ever, so I found it a little confusing. However, I took the book into an electronics shop with me and showed the staff what I needed. Of course they thought I was totally looney (I am quite used to that).

I took my little bundle of strange things home and got to work, and created a masterpiece of engineering and beauty! As a side note, I was back at that same shop earlier this year (20 years after I made my first zapper) and they knew exactly what I was looking for. The man behind the counter even had his own story to tell me, because he had built and used a zapper himself.

My first Zapper was a thing to behold! I made it in a computer game box discarded by my son :-). I so wish I had a photo of it because I was so proud! But I gave it to my Mother who took it home to NZ, and she has since tossed it out because she purchased a commercially made zapper. However, simple and ugly as it was, it did great things for me.

Please note: This page is a work in progress as I have simply heaps I want to write about here. So, please make sure to check back in.

Hulda Clark Zapper To The Rescue

I Got Bitten By A Cat I had a cat that was constantly getting attacked by the neighborhood bully cat. One day they got into a ferocious brawl outside the house so, very stupidly, me being me, I just reacted and the first thing I did was try to grab my cat. NEVER, I repeat NEVER put your hands into the middle of a cat fight – use a bucket of water or a blanket, not your flesh!

Zapper rescueAnyway, I got well and truly bitten – in an instant. There were two puncture wounds on the back of my hand about an inch and a half apart. They ran towards each other underneath my skin, almost meeting in the middle.

As most of you probably know, it is rather difficult to clean inside a puncture wound, and cat bites are notoriously bad for causing nasty infection. Long sharp teeth that deposit bacteria deep inside your body where it is impossible to reach. I did what I could as far as disinfecting it, but it started hurting soon.

After a day, I went to the doctor (this was back in the days that I actually went to doctors) and came home with a heap of antibiotics and stuff, which I took as prescribed. Well, it didn’t help, my hand started to swell and turn a really scary, odd color between dark red and purple. The pain was quite bad. In the end, I went to the doctor three times and nothing he gave me helped. The pain started to get worse. I couldn’t lower my hand below the height of my shoulders as the blood flow seemed to increase pressure. I would forget and let it down, and end up screaming in agony. I had a toddler at the time and it was getting difficult to manage.

After about three days I was starting to get desperate. There was a red line around my wrist that I could almost SEE moving up my arm, closer to my body. Blood infection had set in. I did not know what to do and the doctor was not much help. My husband finally came up with the idea of trying the Zapper. Duh! I don’t know why we hadn’t thought of it before.

So, out came our little plastic box (we were on our Zapper MK II at that stage) of wires and copper pipes, and … Absolutely remarkable!!! Within the first three minutes, I could actually FEEL the pain subsiding. OMG, what a relief. I used the Zapper for three rounds of five minutes each and about ten minutes apart. After the first set of using it -the pain had almost totally gone. I used it again later that day, and the pain was totally gone. The swelling went down, the color returned to normal and the wounds started to heal.

Dr Clark Zapper for saleI still have the little teeth mark scars on my hand, and thank goodness we had the zapper.

The Zapper

Hulda Clark Parasite Zapper Zapper Z4e, Dr. Hulda Clark’s Zapper Specifications. Pictured here is a Dr Clark Zapper – you can find them available online to buy. However, if you are just a teeny bit handy (or not – like me) you can make one for less than about $20. It is relatively easy to make your own Zapper, and in my opinion this little device is a “must have” health tool or any household. The complete and detailed instructions are inside the book, which you can buy here: The Cure for All Diseases Read on at this page for My First Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse!

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