Detox Methods

Detox Methods: There are many ways of detoxing your body. Some are simple and some are very hard. Some require much determination and input, while others are very easy on you.

Here below, I discuss the different methods of detoxing, along with links to further articles here on Live Pure Health that are related. 

Some are just simple changes you can add into your daily life without too much fuss. And others will require a lot of thought, research, preparation and input. However, any of those that require major changes – will also give you major and long-lasting health benefits.


Best Detox Methods

Chinese Herbals



List of Detox Methods


… list to be continued …

Important Note For New Detoxers

If you’re new to detoxifying, it is advised that you work with a qualified naturopath or other health professional, to help you monitor the process. The naturopath can design an individual detox plan that will suit your body and lifestyle.

Once you’ve cleansed away the years of bad dietary habits, your body will be primed for change, so make the most of it with new healthier food choices. Don’t go back to your old eating habits again.


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