Exercise Helps Detox

Exercise Helps Detox: When you are detoxing, exercise must be a part of your program. If you are fasting, then you should keep your exercise very gentle and not over exert yourself. If you are not fasting, then you can use a more thorough exercise program that encourages you to get up a sweat.

Sweating Aids Detoxification

Toxins are cleared out out of your body faster when you sweat. The skin is our largest detox organ and one of the first places that our body tries to utilize to remove toxins. Exercise also promotes healthy circulation and overall fitness. No matter what method you are using for bodily cleansing, exercise can enhance it.

Good Exercises For Detoxification.

Exercise Helps Detox

Walking Helps Detox And Is Relaxing


This is a basic, gentle exercise that is good for those doing a cleanse for the first time. It is especially good if you are fasting or have just started an overall change toward a healthier diet and lifestyle. Walking works almost all of your major muscle groups and increases your heart rate and circulation.


Stretching is great for muscle health. It helps prevent the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. You know that sore feeling your muscles can get the day after a workout? That is from lactic acid accumulation. Stretching gently opens up the muscle fibers and allows toxins to move out.

Yoga and Pilates:

More than just stretching, yoga involves specific stretches that promote relaxation and balance. Pilates is based on cat movements, and helps relax and rejuvenate muscles while toning as well. Both exercises help reduce stress, which is important in body cleansing – constant stress can cause toxins to accumulate in the body.

Martial Arts:

Like yoga, martial arts include the movement of body energy as part of the exercise program. From slow, smooth, stretching types of martial arts like tai chi to more active arts like tae kwon do, martial arts include meditation and bodily discipline with the benefits of exercise.


Did you know something so fun could aid cleansing and build healthy body tissues? Although just jumping up and down on a trampoline can be very beneficial, there are special exercises you can do that enhance detox.

Mini Trampoline Rebounder

Mini Trampoline

 The secret is in the benefits to your lymph system which needs to pump regularly. These are ways of breathing in time with your bounces to encourage lymph flow.

Personally, I use a “lymphacizer” which was specially designed as mini-trampoline for just this purpose. It is anti-static and has markers to correctly align it to the north-south. It helps to clear things out of your body fast and is very energizing. There are similar mini trampolines or rebounders available, which are not quite as advanced as the proper lymphacizer – but still get you moving. Here is a link to a Mini Trampoline as pictured on the right.

One thing I really like about this model is the detachable safety bar. Rebounding, when using your breathing properly, can sometimes make you dizzy really fast, and it is good to have this support. My lymphacizer does not have a safety bar, and when my mother is using it I have to move it near to something for her to hang on to.


Going for a bike ride exercises more than just the legs; the core muscles in the trunk also get strengthening. If you are outdoors (rather than on a stationary bike), breathing fresh air helps cleanse the body. Like swimming, bicycling is easier on the joints than walking or jogging.


Swimming is easy on the joints, and is a wonderful way to get a full-body workout without jarring your joints or feet. You can be as gentle or as fierce as you want when swimming. If you are on a fast then just a slow, rhythmic lap or two will be great. See if you can swim in a pool that uses ozone rather than chlorine to clean the water.

Good Exercises For Detoxification