Fasting For Health

Fasting For Health: As we go about our daily lives, our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins which are stored in large quantities in the cells, tissues, fat deposits, and organs. The body in its wisdom will always choose to temporarily deposit overwhelming amounts of toxins somewhere harmless – rather than allow the blood supply to become polluted, or to use secondary elimination routes.

Fasting For Health

Try Fasting For Health

The body cannot eliminate this toxic build-up when the liver and other organs are not working at an efficient level, and will wait until the liver is less burdened to expel stored toxic debris.

When a person is having symptoms or illnesses, this is relative proof that further storage of toxic wastes in the cells, tissues, fat deposits, and organs is not possible. We are being told by our body that some effort in regards to detoxing is absolutely necessary.

Therefore the first time a person undergoes a fast for health, a large quantity of toxins will usually be released. When this is happens it can cause rather unpleasant side effects, usually referred to as a healing crisis. Or as some of us like to call it a “healing opportunity”! For this reason alone, preventative fasting for health is a very wise idea.

If you fast regularly as a preventative measure – before you become seriously ill, the initial body detoxification will be accomplished far more comfortably while you are healthy. This is when your vital life force is high and while your body is very capable of dealing with detoxification.

Before a person becomes critically ill, it is wise to clean up your reserve fuel supply (your fat deposits) by burning off accumulated fat, which will be high in stored toxic deposits. Then replace this with clean, non-toxic fat that your body will make – as long as you eat sensibly.



The truth is simply that, like it or not, our bodies age.  Over time they becomes much less able to deal with the insults we dish out, and the accumulated effects eventually leads most of us to serious degenerative illness. Normally this begins happening at around 50 years of age, if not sooner. Those of us that were gifted with good genes may get to the age of 60 or 75 or even 90 without serious illness, but those lucky people are few and far between. So, why not tip the scales in your favor by preventing or staving off health problems with fasting for health regularly, while you are healthy enough to do it easily?

It is very wise to invest in your own insurance health plan by systematically detoxing your body regularly – WHILE you are still relatively healthy. By contrast, fasting when you are sick is much more difficult because your vitality or vital force is probably depleted. You will have little energy, and probably have other unpleasant symptoms of your illness that are happening at the same time. There may be the added stress of being forced into doing a fast because you are too nauseous to eat. Most people let their health go until they are forced into dealing with it, at which stage it is a lot more difficult.

The Body Learns How To Detox

Every time you fast, even if it is only for a single day, you let your body to go through a mild and partial detox. Each time you fast, it will get easier and more comfortable than the last time. The body actually learns how to fast. Each time you withhold solid food, your body slips into a cleansing mode more quickly, and each time you fast you lighten your load of stored toxins. Maybe you have already eliminated the caffeine your body had stored up, which frequently causes severe headaches on withdrawal, not to mention fatigue. It certainly helps to have this behind you before you go on to the elimination of other stored substances.

Fasting For Good Health Regularly:

Put into action a regular detox at a time when it is convenient, such as every Sunday or even just once a month. Do whatever it takes to motivate yourself and to stay enthused to keep this regular fasting cleanse up. You might choose to stay and home and lock the doors, taking a break from family and friends. Or you may find a quiet place to go to and relax; go the the lake, a bush hideaway, a farm cottage … Use this time for yourself, to rest, relax and rejuvenate, while allowing your body to perform it’s healing and rejuvenating work.

Slowly Increase The Fast Length

Once your body is accustomed to a 24 hour fast, then you can move towards increasing the time up to 48 hour fasts, and even over time work up to 72 hour fasts. You should find that it get increasingly easier and even pleasant, something you actually look forward to. Fasting for health when you are relatively detoxified does feel great. And you will eventually come to the clean, light, clear headed and maybe even spiritually aware state that often accompanies all the fasting health benefits.

Fasting for good health is a great way to take control and gain confidence in your own ability to deal with your body, your own health and your own life. When it gets down to the bottom line, there is really only one thing in the world that is really yours – and that is your life. Take control and start managing it now. The rewards of fasting for health will give you a much longer and qualitative life.

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