Growing Herbs In Pots

How To – Growing Herbs In Pots

Growing herbs in pots is relatively easy and very worthwhile. It is great to have healthy, organic herbs for cooking – right where and when you need them!

How To - Growing Herbs In Pots. Instructions to grow your own healthy, organic herbs at home, indoors. Herb plants will grow successfully in almost any container. This article has lots of DIY tips and products for potted gardening ideas.

What Containers To Grow Herbs In?

So, what exactly can you use to grow your herb plants in a pot or container?

You can grow your herb plants in almost anything that will hold soil and water, and that has drainage.

Be creative, because planting containers for your herbs do not need to be limited to the standard terracotta pots or pretty ceramic pots. You can put almost anything to use as herb planters, as long as it will work.

One of the best things about having your herbs growing in pots and containers , is that you can always take them with you if you have to leave. Or just pick them up and move them to a different part of the garden, or house if need be.

  • Keep in mind the area you will be keeping your plants. Is it indoors or outdoors, as this will probably dictate the size of pots that you will need
  • Do you want very large, impressive containers?
  • Are you keen on DIY and using ordinary household items as planters?
  • Or do you want designer planters?

Below are some stunning designer planters, that I just couldn’t resist showing you!

Rustic Industrial Metal Bin Planter in Distressed Brass with PatinaRustic Industrial Metal Bin Planter in Distressed Brass with PatinaTraditional Glass and Wrought Iron Terrarium PlanterTraditional Glass and Wrought Iron Terrarium PlanterRustic Industrial Planter in Silver with Patina FinishRustic Industrial Planter in Silver with Patina FinishBayden Hill Ps Solar Planter - Home Sweet HomeBayden Hill Ps Solar Planter – Home Sweet HomeAnderson Teak 36Anderson Teak 36″ x 18″ Planter BoxAdorable Bayden Hill Metal Black and White Cow PlanterAdorable Bayden Hill Metal Black and White Cow Planter

Some Ideas of Growing Containers For Herbs

The more creative you are, then you will tend to come up with many more ideas of things to put to use for herb gardening with pots. I find myself often looking at some weird object and thinking what a good plant pot it would make.

A Simple Bag of Soil

Buy a bag of quality soil. Lay it down where you want your mini herb garden to be. Then using a sharp knife cut around the edge of the top so you can lift it right off. And there you have it – an instant garden!

Make the cut about three or four inches in from the edge, to keep strength in the bag. Then you are able to simply plant your herb seedlings of cuttings directly into the soil. Make sure your bag drains, or otherwise poke some homes in the bottom of the bag.

Wellingtons – Old Boots

These make seriously cute herb containers, and you have probably seen pictures of them already. They can be left natural, or painted to fit in with your garden.

This is a pretty cool and very artistic way of growing herbs. Since most herbs are so hardy, they will do well in smaller containers like these.

Growing Herbs in Pots - Old Boot Planter

Cardboard Cartons As Planters

These work as well and are especially good if you have only an extremely limited space for growing herbs in pots. This is actually how I grow my seedlings and cuttings. I just cut the top and the bottom off the carton leaving a long rectangle tube. I sit these in a tray and fill them with up soil or the growing mix I am using.

If you are wanting a more permanent option for cardboard, you will need to line it with plastic. This was your planter container will not softer, then disintegrate over time.

The great thing about having such a small tray of herbs, is that it is totally portable. You can move it to a sunnier spot if you need to. Or you can even take it with you if you are away from home. How good would it be to be able to eat fresh, organic greens wherever you may be.

Starting Herb Seedlings in Pots

Old Bricks

If you can get some old bricks, these look very nice. Just stack them up to make an edging where ever you want, and fill with soil. You don’t have to stick to squares or rectangles for your herb container garden.

Be artistic and place the bricks in different patterns such as wavy, circular, herringbone, figure of eight, mold the shape around your house or shed corners …

Second hand bricks are often available at wreckers yards. Or you could ask at your local hardware store if they can keep broken and chipped bricks aside for you.

Wooden Planks, Driftwood

For a real “free range” style of herb container lay out a pattern using some old wood, and fill with soil. Large pieces of driftwood look wonderful and very natural.


Yup, just a simple bucket will make a very serviceable herb growing container. You only need to make sure you put some drainage holes in the bottom.

Old Wheelbarrow

Old wheelbarrows are often used to grow container gardens and they look really rustic. If you can find an old wheelbarrow to use, again, remember to make good drainage holes in the bottom for water to escape and prevent your herbs from becoming water logged.

One advantage of using a wheelbarrow is that if it is well maintained (and actually works) you will be able to move it around easily.

Check these delightful planters out!

Sterling Wagon Planter in Aluminum and BlackSterling Wagon Planter in Aluminum and BlackZingz and Thingz Country Flower Cart PlanterZingz and Thingz Country Flower Cart PlanterZingz and Thingz Bicycle Plant StandUnique Zingz and Thingz Bicycle Plant Stand

Old Baths and Hand Basins:

These can often be found a wreckers yards or renovators second hand shops. or place an add on your local wanted website. Baths are very good to use, as there is a lot of space and you can really stack a number of different herb varieties in there.

Growing Herbs in Pots - Bathtub Planter

Wicker Baskets as Containers

One of my favorites is a bamboo or wicker basket. These will last longer if you can line the inside with swimming pool liner or plastic and look so lovely. They can be painted or stained.

Baby and Kids Stuff for Planters

What a great way to re-purpose things your children have grown out of – plant herbs in them! You kids might like to get involved in growing herbs in pots too.

You can use things like a baby’s bath, old dump trucks, dolls and strollers. Those old fashioned prams make beautiful herb planters if you can find one.

Old China and Crockery

Jugs, bowls, flasks – the type that your Grandma used to use in the kitchen. Trash and treasure sales are a good place to find some beautiful old china pieces that can be re-purposed to use for your herb growing containers.

You will need a special drill to put drainage holes into the bottom of these types of containers. If you don’t own a drill, then you could take them to your local handyman and get them done on the spot.

Growing Herbs in Pots - Turtle Planter Pot

Shopping Bags for Planter

These can make wonderful hanging herb planters. Again – as long as they can hold soil and can take a bit of watering – you can make it into a container for growing your herbs in.

I have seen lovely herb gardens made with canvas shopping bags and lining a twelve foot fence from top to bottom. It was a wall of green and flowers, and beautifully fragrant as well.

Open Your Artistic Mind for Planters

So, if you open your mind to all the possibilities you can experiment and go wild. Where ever you are, keep an eye out for things that could make good containers for growing herbs in pots.

Here is a wonderful book on growing herbs in pots, with lots of information on Gardening in Containers: The Vegetable Gardener’s Container Bible: How to Grow a Bounty of Food in Pots, Tubs, and Other Containers

Make sure to check out the great range of herb growing kits available here: Indoor Herb Kits

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