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Herbs Information – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Brimming with information on herbs and essential oils everything from what the plant looks like

Although still under construction at this stage my website will be brimming with herbs information and essential oils. Everything from what the plant looks like, to how to grow and use herbs information, to how they can assist with daily health and well being.

Herbs Information - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know!


Uses of herbs have such a wide range from spicing up your food, to perfuming your body and house, to cleaning your kitchen naturally to treating constipation!

The truth is that whatever your health problem, there is sure to be a researched herb that is effective in alleviating the symptoms or even removing the problem altogether. Herbs are becoming a common place form of healing and we find them in and around homes everywhere.

Herbs are normally categorized as to what they can do for us:

Culinary herbs are used to flavor food and add nutrients to many delectable dishes.

Medicinal herbs are used for natural herbal remedies to relieve symptoms and for treatment of many forms of health issues

Aromatic herbs are very useful in a number of ways using aromatherapy. They can be found in skin and hair care products, perfumes, diffusing products

Cleaning Herbs: Herbs and essentials oils are also commonly used in environmentally safe and natural cleaning products to be used on our bodies and pet, and around our homes.

Growing Herbs At Home:

Most herbs are very easy to grow and spending time tending to a herb garden is a great way of not only relieving stress, but also providing plentiful and fresh herbs for your own use, and to share or sell. If you dont have enough room to grow your own garden, herbs lend themselves very well to being grown in pots and planters both inside the home and outdoors. Many herbs will also provide you with a stunning flowering season for visual beauty, and also some have gorgeous perfumes to lighten your life.

Quick Intro to Essential Oils:

Purity of Essential Oils:

The purity of an essential oil is very important when the oil is to be used for therapeutic reasons. A general guide to the purity of oil is usually the price taf, since high quality essential oils cost a whole lot more to make. Blended oils are acceptable for fragrances such as perfuming a room, but only high quality and pure oils should be used for medicinal purposes.

For topical application, most pure oils are far too strong to be applied directly to the skin and need to be mixed with a base or carrier oil, to lessen their strength and to help with absorption. Base oils such as almond oil or wheat germ oil are most commonly used as carrier oils used for this purpose. Base oils are generally derived from seeds, nuts, or vegetables.

A Quick List of Common Essential Oils Uses:

  • Lavender Essential oil works wonders on cuts, bruises, burns and insect bites. It also promotes sleep and relaxation.
  • Tea Tree oil is a very powerful, natural antiseptic. It is used to disinfect cuts, bites and stings. It is often used to treat spots and pimples and when diluted with water it make a refreshing and cleansing mouth wash. Keep in mind that Tea Tree oil should not be swallowed.
  • Eucalyptus oil is used for treating a variety of respiratory problems. It is a common oil used to relieve symptoms of colds and coughs. Eucalyptus oil can be massaged into the chest, used in an essential oil diffuser or burned in an oil burner to help clear the airways and prevent congestion.
  • Geranium oil with its characteristic perfume and pain relieving properties is a basic antiseptic. This herbal remedy should be part of your essential oil and natural herbal remedies garden.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil treats digestive upsets, respiratory problems and can be used as a gargle for a fresh and clean mouth. It also works well as a flea repellant and flea rinse for pets (not cats who should never be exposed to essential oils!).
  • Orange oil mixed with Cinnamon oil is a pleasant winter perfume to diffuse inside your home.
  • Patchouli Oil treats eczema and dandruff.
  • Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil is reputed to relieve stress, palpitations, and high blood pressure. It makes a lovely oil for diffusing inside the home.
  • Orange Oil is used in natural remedies for depression and nervous tension. It is also widely used as a natural cleaner, being great for removing gum and sticky things that wont budge otherwise.
  • Cinnamon is excellent for warts and viral infections.
  • Thyme and Rosemary are herbs that do well grown in pots. Both of these herbs are commonly used to create essential oils and also as culinary flavorings. Both Thyme and Rosemary are also antiseptics and can be used in skin care preparations.
  • Lemon Essential Oil can be used to purify water. When lemon is mixed with honey, it is a soothing and effective herbal remedy for colds and flu. Lemon and white vinegar are highly effective cleaning agents that can be used for domestic cleaning tasks without damaging the environment.
  • Citronella oil is commonly used for an insect repellent. People soak a soft dog collar in Citronella to keep fleas and mosquitoes of their canine pets.
  • Garlic helps to promote a healthy immune system. When the weather turns cold and the viruses begin to circulate, adding garlic to your diet will leave you less susceptible. Garlic is also known to keep fleas off dogs when added to their food regularly.

If you are looking for natural herbal remedies or nature friendly products, the oils and herbal remedies listed above should help you get started, and they all are effective in helping to prevent many common winter illnesses.

My Mission:

My mission for this herbs information area of my website, is that it will be a great learning place where people will be able to find herb and health information whats good, whats current, whats new and what is not so good.

There will be a section for readers stories, gardening tips and anything else you would like to contribute, so please either leave a message in the comment section underneath each article, or contact me using the contact page.

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