Himalayan Salt for Good Health

Using Pink Himalayan Salt for Good Health

I was asked by a lady recently, if I could give her one single tip for good health, something that was easy and cheap, what would that one tip be? I did not even have to think about it. Adding pure Himalayan Salt to your diet is the single quickest way I know to help attain good health.

How To Use Himalayan Pink Rock Salt and crystals for awesome health benefits. My article covers the DIY uses of Himalayan Salt, including therapy & detox options, how to make and drink sole, using a salt inhaler and much more...


We have been conditioned to avoid salt like the plague. That is of course true when you are thinking about the common store-bought table salt we are all familiar with. Common table salt has been refined, denatured and generally turned into a toxic substance which is very damaging to our health overall.

However, Himalayan Crystal Salt is a completely different matter. We NEED salt, good salt, to be taken in to our bodies regularly. If we want to have good health, the importance of a natural and top quality salt should never be overlooked.

Not only does Himalayan Crystal Salt add a vast array of minerals and other nutritional elements to our bodies … it helps with removing toxic build-up and excess fluid. It supplies us with an amazing array of nutrients and much more.

It also comes with more etheric and difficult to understand properties such as “Life force”. Natural Himalayan Salt It is truly an amazing food, and should be included in absolutely everyone’s daily diet.

… more info on processing of Himalayan Salt to be added soon…

Click here for an informative video on Himalayan Crystal Salt

Himalayan Salt Brine – Sole (pronounced solay)

It is very simple to make sole. Place about an inch of Himalayan Salt in a jar, and completely fill it with a good quality water. After about 24 hours, all of the salt that can be dissolved into the water, has been dissolved. The liquid on top is now a saturated salt solution of about 26%. This liquid is your Sole Solution. There should still remain some salt in the bottom to ensure your Sole is completely saturated.

The Sole solution will not “go off”. I keep mine on the kitchen counter, and just top up the water when needed. Just make sure there is always some undissolved salt at the bottom to ensure your Sole solution is fully saturated.

Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt

Because I use quite a lot of the Salt Sole, I have a large 700ml bottle that I keep on the kitchen counter, to make it in. I take the solution off the top and store it in smaller bottles for our use. I keep some in the bathroom, as we use it to brush our teeth and to gargle with.

It is also great to pat onto your skin – especially helpful for any skin disorders such as acne and rashes, as apart from it’s cleansing properties it is also helps with inflammation and swift healing.

It would be best to dilute it a bit if using on broken skin (salt in the wound etc), however, I am brave, LOL. I use it “straight” on everything from cuts and bruises to insect bites. You will be absolutely astounded at how swiftly things heal once Himalayan Salt Sole is applied.

Buy Himalayan Salt Products

There is a wonderful range of Himalayan Pink Salt products available, from the salt itself in various sizes of grains, to Salt Lamps and much more. Use this gorgeous and healthful salt in and on your body, and also around the home. Then just watch your health transform!

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Salt Shop

For internal use, it is recommended to drink one teaspoon of Sole in a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach. This allows almost instant uptake of the minerals into your bodily cells. However, a word of warning here! If you are new to using salt Sole solution, do not start with this amount.

NOTE: You may need to build up very slowly to prevent any cleansing and healing reactions. Maybe just a couple of drops and see how you react to that. Increase gradually over time. If you notice any “very loose” bowel movements or other reactions, then cut back a bit.

Me being me, I of course first started off on the full teaspoon dosage of my Himalayan Sole solution …  and boy! Did my rear end know about it. It certainly gave me a hefty initial cleanse and I certainly could not venture very far from the bathroom for a few days! However, since I am quite used to healing reactions, I just kept it up.

The thing I personally notice the most when I take my Himalayan Salt sole, is the massive increase in energy it gives me, and the sense of well-being. It has also gotten rid of severe headaches within about 15 minutes for me, after a teaspoon in a glass of water.

So, if you don’t currently have any good salt, I recommend you get some Himalayan Salt and start to take it as soon as you can. I noticed immediate healthy benefits. Replace your standard table salt with ground healthy salt and you will find that it has a really lovely taste. It is quite different from processed, commercial table salt.

In fact, I have a problem with my teenage son, who will not stop licking my Himalayan Salt Lamps! He loves the taste so much! I tell him to go get a glass and drink some Sole, but he says it’s just easier to lick the salt lamps on his way past! See a range of beautiful lamps for sale here

Below are some salt therapy products with links to purchase if you would like. You can find an enormous range of Himalayan Salt products from salt rock crystals for making your own Sole, to ground salt and the highly therapeutic and gorgeous looking Himalayan Salt Lamps.


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