Himalayan Salt Health Benefits

Himalayan Salt Health Benefits

Sea Salt VS Table Salt? The many reported negative effects of salt on the human body all refer to highly refined, commercial table salt. This salt is not in fact a food at all, and is a terrible and toxic substance to put into our bodies. It is a compound of Sodium and chloride as the essential minerals are removed during refining processes.

The Incredible Himalayan Salt Health Benefits. This article covers the DIY uses of Himalayan Salt, including therapy & detox options, how to make and drink sole, using a salt inhaler and much more...

In total contrast, unrefined and natural salt has been known for its positive and therapeutic effects for thousands of years in various cultures. In the arena of healthy and natural salts, Pink Himalayan Salt is by far the most therapeutic and beneficial. The rediscovery of natural salt and it’s many uses for health, especially Himalayan Pink salt, may just be one of the most important health discoveries in our time.

Unlike common table salt, the crystal rock salt from the ancient seabeds of the Himalayas, does not burden our body. Natural crystal rock salt always has a balancing effect and it doesn’t contribute to high blood pressure as does ordinary, commercial table salt, making it an ideal addition to every persons daily diet.

In my personal opinion, Himalayan salt is one of the most essential things a person can use to improve their health. I use my Himalayan Salt for almost everything. From brushing my teeth, to dabbing on cuts and scrapes, to clearing up my son’s acne. I feed it to my pets and I use it as drops to refresh tired eyes. I pat it all over my body after a shower and I soak my feet in it. It is so good in so very many ways.

Here are just a few of the Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt:

Skin Disorders:  Himalayan salt is one of the most effective and inexpensive treatments for any skin infection. And I can vouch for this from personal experience with a teenage son who had a seriously bad case of acne! The range of nutrients, and the anti-bacterial properties of Himalayan rock salt offers us a huge range of benefits when applied directly to the skin … here are a few:

  • treatment for dry skin
  • treatment for insect bites
  • treatment for blisters
  • treatment for acne
  • treatment for rashes
  • treatment for eczema
  • heals infections and wounds fast
  • draws out toxins
  • aids healing of skin tissues
  • helps to prevent scarring
  • regulates the activity of oil glands
  • increases oxygen consumption
  • Increases the metabolic rate of the skin.
  • helps keep  skin clear, clean and smooth.

Himalayan Salt For Sore Throats

Sore throat are infections from either virus’ or bacteria. Typically, indications include the throat swelling up painfully which leads to difficulty in eating and drinking.

One of the best remedies to fight this infection is “sole” solution!

We cannot deny the fact that Himalayan salt crystal can battle viruses, bacteria and fungi. And, if you utilize it regularly, you will be able to see the differences to your body that Himalayan salt can bring.

The “sole” solution is a mixture of the Himalayan salt and lukewarm water. Use it when gargling, to kill the infection.

Salt For Respiratory Ailments

Pink Himalayan Salt - Inhaler Pipe

Himalayan Salt Inhaler Pipe

 Inhaling natural salt using a himalayan salt inhaler pipe is a gentle and safe therapy for most respiratory problems. It is known that men who work in salt mines have an astonishing lack of respiratory diseases. This form of natural salt therapy has been used successfully for centuries.

There are two ways to get himalayan salt health benefits with breathing problems. One is the “wet” salt therapy where you irrigate, flush and clean your sinuses with liquid solution, usually using a “Neti Pot“. The other way is “dry” salt therapy, which uses inhaling. There is a picture on the right of a great Himalayan Salt Inhaler Pipe which is available from Amazon, click on the picture to find out more about them, and the Neti Pots.

Personal Note: I bought one of the Himalayan Salt pipes pictured here for my mother. All her life she has had problems with something ‘sticking” in her throat and making her want to continually “a-hummmm” to clear her throat. Using the inhaler, this completely disappeared in just a few days – after a lifetime! Amazing!

Click here to see how to make a Himalayan Salt Pipe. Or if you would like to buy one now (they are pretty inexpensive).

You can get a good Salt Inhaler here


I know from personal experience here also, just how powerful Himalayan Pink Salt can be against headaches. A teaspoon of the Sole (pronounced as solay) salt brine solution has cleared up any headache of mine in under half an hour. You can also use the Sole salt solution to massage your temples, or soak a cloth and lay it on your face and forehead.

Digestive Problems

Himalayan Salt crystals serve as a digestion aid by helping the food we eat to pass freely through the intestinal tract. It helps to ensure complete and proper food digestion. It stimulates the production of digestive juices and plays an essential role in all stages of digestion. Without salt, no digestion is possible.

Himalayan rock salt stimulates production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, as well as an enzyme that digests protein to further aid in the breakdown of food into nutrients. It also stimulates secretions of the intestinal tract and liver, further aiding the process of digestion.

Normalizes PH Balance

The PH of our body is a measure of the alkalinity or acidity of our cells. Our body cells need to be in a slightly alkaline condition to function properly and it is a known fact that ample amounts of Himalayan salt in our body helps us to maintain this alkalinity, or to restore it if we are out of whack.


One of the major health benefits of Himalayan Salt is that it is very efficient in removing toxins from our cells. It equalizes the fluid both inside and around all of our cells, which greatly assists in removing heavy metals that can be stored.

Aches, Strains and Bruises and Menstrual Pain: All these can be helped greatly by simply applying a warm compress of a Sole solution soaked cloth.

Normalizes Blood Sugar:  Pink Himalayan Salt contains eighty four minerals, all available to the body in a totally natural and highly absorb-able state. Four of these minerals are acknowledged key elements for maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Having too low or too high a blood sugar can cause many health problems. One of the major ones being diabetes, which is usually a result of chronic high blood sugar. Diabetics who make use of Himalayan Salt rocks by consuming the salt solution (sole) made from them, have often shown to have their blood sugar normalized over time.

Dental Uses

Tartar, cavities and bad breath which can be a problem to many people, stand absolutely no chance against natural sea salt. You can use the salt brine solution to brush your teeth (we do) to swish, gargle and rinse. The pink Himalayan crystal salt cleans your teeth beautifully, it also strengthens the gums and helps prevent gingivitis and bleeding.

It is also another simple way to get the minerals in the salt into your body, as you are absorbing while you are brushing. The abundant calcium in the salt strengthens and whitens the teeth very well. With Himalayan salt being anti-bacterial, it is also a great home remedy for halitosis, or bad breath.

Ear Infections

Ear infections can be relatively easy to clear up by using the Himalayan Sole solution in a little water – as ear drops. It destroys bacteria very quickly, and again, it helps with swift healing of damaged and infected tissues.

Fungal Infections

Athletes foot and other types of foot and nail fungal infections are killed by Himalayan salt. A foot soak, or even simply wiping the feet regularly a few times per day with a “sole” soaked cloth will clear up any current fungal infection you may have, and keep future fungus at bay.

Promoting A Healthy PH Balance

You might encounter the term PH balance in reference to your health. PH “Power of concentration of the Hydrogen-ion” serves as a benchmark of alkalinity or acidity of your cells in your body. Our body cells need to be in a slightly alkaline condition to function optimally and it has been said that ample amounts of Himalayan salt in our body helps maintain this alkalinity.

In closing, the Himalayan Salt health benefits are many, and I have only touched on a few here. It is something that can be easily added to anyone’s daily diet and the results will speak for themselves. It is an easy step on your way to living pure and healthy.

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