Holistic Detoxification With Juice Fasting

Holistic Detoxification With Juice Fasting

Try juice fasting, as a safe holistic detoxification for your body! Many studies have been done on the beneficial effects of juice fasting. It enables us to increase lifespan, reduce high cholesterol levels, alleviate allergies, cure acne, address chemical imbalances and so very much more. 

Due to the highly processed foods that we consume and the polluted air that we breathe, our bodies are constantly accumulating toxins. The body does its level best to eliminate these toxins, but there is such an overload these days that a little help goes a long way.

Holistic Detoxification With Juice Fasting

Symptoms from toxic overload can include chronic headaches, insomnia, rashes and skin allergies, constant minor illnesses such as colds and flu, premature aging … etc.

Benefits of Holistic Detoxification With Juice Fasting:

When you are doing a juice fast, your are relieving your body of the constant demands of digesting the food that you eat. Most people do not realize that digestion uses a massive amount of energy. By greatly reducing and even almost eliminating this process with short-term juice fasting, your body has a chance to do other things and a detox process will be the first thing on the agenda.

The immune system can then focus on the elimination of toxins, with the aid of the organs of elimination  – the liver, pancreas, gall bladder, kidneys, intestines and the skin, etc.

During a prolonged juice fast of three days or more, the body will start to burn off and digest its own tissues by process of autolysis in a discriminate manner. It will first decompose and burn those cells and tissues that are diseased, damaged, aged or dead. This includes tumors, morbid cells, abscesses, excess fat deposits and more. The stomach shrinks and becomes less acidic. If you are specifically juicing for weightloss, then you will find that your goals are much more achievable.

Then, certain detoxing symptoms will often be experienced. Some of these may include acne breakouts, fatigue, headaches, bad breath and body odor … as the body is getting into some serious housework and throwing out toxins. These symptoms are usually not overly dramatic, and once they have passed you will feel a renewed sense of health and well-being. And some lucky people never even get detox symptoms at all.

Produce For Juice Fasting:

You can juice almost any fruit and vegetables that you are able to eat in their raw state. Vegetables that are good for juicing include carrots, beetroot, tomatoes, cucumbers and celery. You can also use the leaves and stems of many vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower – toss in a couple of radish leaves, and so on. It is a great idea to use a wide range of colors in your produce, to give you the widest possible range of nutrients.

Fruit and vegetable combinations can taste seriously scrumptious! One of my favorites is simply apple, carrot and beetroot juice. We call this “Dragon’s Blood” which makes the kids love it! It makes a very nice blend. Another tasty and healthy juice combination is apple, celery and tomato.

For vegetable and fruit skins, you can peel them off especially you suspect that they have been sprayed. However, often there are many precious nutrients contained in the skin and also just beneath the skin, so if you can handle the taste and you are sure the food is of high quality – then you can juice the skin as well. If you can use organic produce this of course will be much better produce all round. Rinse off your fruits and veges first in filtered or distilled water.

How to Juice for Juice Fasting?

Many people recommend that you dilute your juice 50/50 with water, especially if you are using mainly fruits and the fruit juice is very sweet. Use a good quality water wherever possible for the dilution. Personally, I never dilute my juices.

There are also a few foods that you should take it easy on at first, such as beetroot for example. This is a wonderful cleanser (yummy too) however it is very strong and only small amounts should be drunk if you are not used to it. But if you do happen to overdo the beetroot – don’t be too scared if you have red pee or stools!

Also, remember that you can not purchase freshly prepared juice from a supermarket. Nor is any juice that comes from a packet, carton or bottle ever “freshly squeezed” despite what the label may try and tell you. Any juice in a carton, can or bottle has been – at a minimum – heat treated for preservation. Your juices for fasting have to be fresh to give you the best benefits for your health.

Once juice has been extracted from the fiber, it immediately starts to break down and decompose, swiftly loosing the vital nutrients and enzymes. So you need to either find a store somewhere that will extract juices while you wait – or make you own at home.

Of course when you are doing a juice fast for holistic detoxification – making your juices at home with your own juicer is the easiest and fastest (and cheapest) way.


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