How To Make Kefir

Instructions –  How To Make Kefir

Here you will find two very different ways of how to make kefir. One – the traditional way – makes a thicker and slightly tarter tasting kefir. There will also be my personal favorite kefir method that is too quick and clean for words. (come back soon to learn this fantastic way to make kefir for yourself).

Instructions -  How To Make Kefir At Home. Here you will find two very different ways of making Kefir. One - the traditional way - makes a thicker and slightly tarter tasting kefir. Full of beneficial bacteria, this nutritious food is easily made from milk and Kefir grains. Yummy and healthy. Full of probiotics for improving health.

Here Is How Kefir Is Made:

Making kefir from grains is extremely simple, anyone can do it. You just need to remember that your little family of kefir cultures is ALIVE! Keep them fed and they will make a lovely healthy drink for you. again and again and again.

The Steps For The Standard Way Of Making Kefir Are Easy

  • Place approx 1 tablespoon of kefir grains into a 500ml glass jar
  • Fill the jar with milk. You can use most types of milk including skim milk, non-fat, cow’s milk and goat’s milk.
  • Cover the jar and let it stand for around 24 hours. The magic will happen now as the kefir grains get stuck into fermenting your milk.
  • When you see a little clear liquid starting to form at the bottom of the jar – your kefir is ready.
  • If you want your kefir thicker and a little more sour, then let it stand for longer, even 48 hours.
  • Once you think you have fermented it thick and sour enough, empty the contents of the jar into a sieve or strainer over a bowl.
  • Move the kefir grains around with a wooden spoon or a spatula to push the liquids through the sieve.
  • When most of the kefir liquid has been strained out, put the grains themselves into some new milk to start the fermentation process once more.
  • Your kefir drink is all ready.
  • I often let this sit for another 12 to 24 hours, without the grains in it – prior to putting it into the fridge to increase the health benefits of kefir.
  • Your kefir drink will keep in the fridge for about 5 days. However, it tends to get a stronger flavor as it ages.

Kefir Making Video:

As I have yet to make my kefir video, below is a very good video on video on making milk kefir.  As you can see in the video, kefir making is an extremely simple and easy thing to do. You can be up and running and serving up healthy kefir to your family in no time at all.


How To Make Kefir Grains?

I have often been asked how to make kefir grains. Sorry, but this is something you cannot do. You need to acquire some grains and then use them to make the kefir drink.

Kefir Starter Culture:

Kefir is made using kefir grains. However, there is another option of using a starter culture. This is similar to a yogurt starter culture.

Water Kefir

There is a different type of this culture that is used to make a liquid. This is called Water Kefir, and it uses a totally different type of Kefir grain. Visit this page for more information: What Is Water Kefir.

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