How To Make People Laugh

How To Make People Laugh – Really Hard! Laughing is so good for us. It should be something we make a point of doing as often as we can. And if you get the chance – or can make chances – try and spread the infectious nature of laughing where ever you can. A little giggle is usually appreciated, and a really hard belly laugh will leave people feeling wonderful.  If you want to know how to make people laugh really hard, it is so easy – you just start laughing yourself. The more uncontrollable it is, then the more irresistible other people will find it. And they will not be able to keep themselves from joining in.

In this wonderful laughter video below, you can see this classic progression taking place, that shows the power of laughter.

A man goes into the subway car with a huge smile on his face. All the people in the car are looking tired and bored, wrapped up in their own problems. The new entrant starts to giggle quietly to himself. His fellow travelers start to look around curiously. The man goes into a full on laugh, before starting to belly laugh uncontrollably.

The other travelers, of course, cannot resist the infectious nature of the mans laughter. They go from annoyance to curiosity, to a little embarrassment. Then you can see them start to giggle to themselves and finally completely let go with belly laughs of their own.

Soon this man has the whole subway car laughing really hard, and obviously is enjoying himself immensely. It is worth watching!


Laughter Video – How To Make People Laugh:




Now you can see how to make people laugh really hard, why don’t you do something like this yourself and really make a change in people’s day! Spread a little sunshine and reap the benefits of laughter for yourself as well.

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