Juice Fast Weight Loss

Juice Fast Weight Loss

A juice fast is a really healthy way to lose weight quickly, safely and with relative ease. Some people can lose up to 50 pounds in only one month. And, after a weight loss juice fast, if you change your lifestyle to include a diet high in raw foods, regular exercise and plentiful juices, then the unwanted pounds will never come back to haunt you.

Juice Fast Weight Loss

Try A Juice Fast Cleanse


Benefits of Juice Fasting for Weight Loss

The main benefit of a juice fast weight loss diet is the speed at which those extra pounds drop off. It is such a beneficial thing to dieters to be able to actually see results of your efforts quickly.

You will see the changes both in the mirror and on the scales, and this will go a long way towards keeping you motivated. Not to mention the fact that you will feel so much more alive and energetic, and your self-esteem will get a serious boost, as well.

How Much Will You Lose?

Initially, weight loss on a juice fast is very quick. You may lose as much as three to four pounds a day. As the fast goes on, this will drop down to an average loss of about one pound a day, which is still pretty dang good, I reckon!

The juice fast diet cleanses the body while supplying a dramatic increase in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. it all goes towards speeding up your metabolism and making your body much more efficient. The slower your metabolism is, then the slower your weight loss will be.

How Long For A Juice Fast?

The length of a juice fasting diet can range anywhere from one to forty days. Three days makes for a good and efficient body tune up. For severe health conditions, a long fast would be in order, maybe 20 days or more. The standard length of a therapeutic juice fast used by health sanitariums in Europe is 30 days.

Using your body as a guide, take it slow to start with. A general rule of thumb for how long for a juice fast you should attempt – is to stick with it until you are free of detox symptoms (healing crisis) for two days.

Healing crisis symptoms may – for some people – be a little hard to take. And this can make people think that the cure may be worse than the disease. However, any detox symptoms you experience will not last – once the toxic debris has left your body, you will feel great. And you will be a lot healthier in the long run.

However, you should not over do things. If you are feeling weak or light headed, then make sure to take the time to rest. If there is any question that your juice fast is being too hard on you, then take in some food. You just may not be ready for a full-on fast yet, if your detox symptoms are severe.

If this is the case, then stick to a raw food diet for a little while, before attempting another juice fast. This will help to remove toxins but at a slower rate than fasting will. And it will prepare your body better for the next attempt at your juice fast.

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If you are handling everything OK, then you may be ready to try a juice fast of 20, 30 or even 40 days. It is not all that hard – once you get going.

A lengthy juice fast will allow your body the freedom to cleanse and eliminate toxins that have been accumulating in your cellular tissues since you were a baby.

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After A Juice Fast Weight Loss

After a juice fast, try and stick with regular juicing for better health. Juice fasting one day a week will be a great thing to do for your body. After a juice fast weight loss cleanse your body will be much more efficient and your digestion will be greatly enhanced.

Mostly due to a cleaner colon, but also because all your bodily systems are functioning at a greater ability. Your colon walls will have been cleansed of impacted matter, which gives you much better absorption of nutrients.

And the great news it that after a juice fast for weight loss, you will burn more calories just in general. Healthy people burn more calories AND they also tend to eat less.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are dealing with a serious illness, then you should only attempt a juice fast weight loss while under the supervision of a health professional. Do not try to go it alone!

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