Juicers vs Blenders

Juicers vs Blenders

Wondering what the difference is between juicers and blenders? More people own blenders than juicers, so it stands to reason that the question is frequently asked “Can you juice with a blender”. 


Juicers and Blenders

Unfortunately, if you are serious about juice recipes for juicers then you will need to acquire a juicer.  Your blender will not do.  They are two completely different types of appliances. 

To be fair, there are benefits to both appliances so there is no point in discarding your blender in favor of a juicer.

– The purpose of a juicer is to extract juice from fruits and vegetables.

– Whereas, on the other hand,, a blender serves to pulverize the fruit and the pulp.

Juicers in most applications deal with the whole fruit or vegetable, including the peels stems, seeds and all.  You just need to cut your  produce into manageable sizes before inserting it into the juicer.

Think of the function of juicer as an extractor. It takes the nutritious liquid out of the fruit and vegetables and leaves you with a pulp (which is very useable too)

A blender, on the other hand, is a mixer and pulverize. It cuts, minces and combines everything you put into it. A blender is the best appliance for making delicious and healthy smoothies, and chopping nuts etc …

Imagine drinking a mixture of hard veggies like celery, carrots, and beets prepared in your blender.  The result would be a gritty and cardboard like mush.  Not exactly something that you would want to consume.

In fact, if you have never used a juicer you will be surprised at how much liquid can be extracted from hard vegetables. It is truly amazing. Two or three fresh carrots will give you a whole glass full of juice! And more watery produce – such as cucumber will yield a whole lot more than that.

Blenders are an amazing appliance in their own right and I certainly would never be without mine. I just need one AS WELL as my juicer!

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