Juicing For Good Health With Blenders and Juicers

Juicing For Good Health With Blenders and Juicers

Blenders and Juicers are amazing additions to any home whether health is a priority or not. Blenders and juicers make good health drinks and are very easy to use.

There is a wide range of inexpensive juicers available to fit anyone’s budget, from basic fruit juicer machines to commercial juicers. Some of the best rated juicers are well under $100.00 and within the reach of almost every family.

The Difference Between Blenders and Juicers:

Juicing For Good Health Blenders and JuicersFrom a juicing point of view, the difference between blenders and juicers put simply – is that a juicer extracts the liquid out of the produce and separates it for you – whereas a blender simply spins everything together into a smooth drink.

Blending makes food very easy on your digestive system, as it does not have to break down the food itself. A blender can be used to make wonderful smoothies that are rich in health-giving nutrients. They are great for making quick and easy meals for young children as they are usually a bit hit with little ones.

Have a look at some of the Juice and Smoothie recipes I have here on my site and I am sure you will agree that kids will love these!

Have a think about this question:

Just how many fruits and vegetables have you eaten today? Probably not that many, if you’re like the vast majority of Americans. And that’s not only an opinion gotten through random observation.

This is a statement issued by the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, and the National Research Council. I’m sure if you dig a little deeper, you’ll easily find several other organizations that have come to the same conclusion.

And this is a very sad state of affairs and says a lot about the health of our nation in general. The fruits and vegetables that we tend to avoid eating, are the exact same foods that will help to prevent us from developing some of the most dangerous and deadly diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

There is good reason for this. Fruits and vegetables, according to Cherie Calborn and Maureen Keane, authors of the book Juicing for Life, contain many protective components. These are a host of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, and other health-giving substances that work together to nourish our system in unprocessed or “living” foods.

Juicing Fruits And Vegetables

Vegetables and Fruits for Healthy Juicing

Juicing For Good Health:

Freshly juiced fruits and vegetables are actually a powerful and swift way to improve your overall health. Your body very quickly absorbs the myriad of nutrients and other nourishing elements in fresh juices. And this is simply because the process of digestion that happens when you eat whole foods is bypassed when you drink fresh juice. The nutrients are absorbed very quickly and are available to nourish your complete body.

Juices and smoothies can provide all the benefits of solid foods, but deliver them in the most efficient way possible for your body to deal with.

And going way beyond that, fresh juices and smoothies from a blender are simply one of the very best methods to make sure you are getting living, beneficial enzymes. Enzymes are found mostly in raw foods, and they play several extremely important functional roles for your good health, including converting any food you eat into body tissues and energy.

These same living enzymes also play a key role in your body’s metabolism. Drinking a fresh juice can actually increase your metabolic rate. Having a higher metabolic rate not only provides you with plenty of good energy, but it helps you to burn off far more calories. So juices can actually be of great benefit if you are trying to lose weight as well.

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