Juicing For Menopause

Juicing For Menopause

There are things you can do to offset the worst effects of menopause, part of which is doing your best to lead a very healthy lifestyle.  Juicing for menopause is one of those easy, daily additions that help symptoms of menopause tremendously.

Remember that – at least for the time being – gone are those days when you could eat slices of cheese and mayo on a burger. Gone are those moments when you always gave in to your cravings for desserts. 

Juicing For Menopause

You should not gorge yourself on high calorie food anymore, or a least not until the menopause is all over and done with, and then you can get your life back into some kind of sensible balance.

For the time being though you have to be more careful, and following a very simple and refreshing diet that will keep your body in tip-top shape every day is absolutely essential!

For menopause, juicing is one method that can be your ticket to achieving a healthy and pleasant balance. Juicing is a wonderful natural remedy for menopause, because juicing is a process where you extract all the essential elements of vitamins, minerals and the enzymes from the foods that you eat.

These elements provided in a readily digested form, will help your body to build up a strong immune system and to keep it strong and healthy. Fresh juices are able to provide your body what it needs almost instantly.

You can try different juice recipes to transform your menopausal stage of life into one that has a distinctly more healthful edge to it.

Hot flushes are a common symptom during menopause and it can be pretty discouraging and despair inducing at times. Despair will only make the situation worse. For this, you can always use herbal products like sage improve your mood extremely quickly. Sage can be easily incorporated in your juice recipe, and will mix with the other ingredients to make quite a delicious meal.

Phyto-estrogen is an element that is present in soya products and red clover, fruits full of vitamin C and flaxseed or linseed, and as we have already seen, plant based phyto-estrogen can be a big help in dealing with the symptoms of menopause. These food ingredients could be blended to create a juice that shall be full of the nutrients that you would need to maintain a good health.

You can even grind up the seeds and blend up the herbs to squeeze out the nutrients without much of a hassle before mixing it all into the fruit juice to create a nutritional drink. This can act as your wholesome meal too. This way, you will be able to feed the body the essential vitamins but not add a single kilogram to your frame and stop.

Fruits like the celery, apple, cucumber and additional flavors such as those provided by fennel always create a refreshing drink that will always leave you feeling happy and satisfied. You can even pitch in some rosemary that will help to uplift your negative moods.

If you have any urinary tract infection or are having to deal with water retention – these are two extremely common problems for menopausal women – you can try drinking juices made from celery, fenugreek, watermelon, cucumber, cranberry or dandelion root. These will take care of any health problems like cystitis or edema. And cranberry is especially good for any urinary tract problems – I can vouch for this myself.

The most important thing to understand and appreciate is that while many women who are going through the menopause think that these problems are inevitable and cannot be avoided. But it is completely wrong to believe this, there are always answers and always things that can improve the way you are feeling.

While it is unarguable that age brings about its own troubles, you do not have to adopt a completely passive attitude to the difficulties that so many women suffer during their menopause stages.

You can do something about it, and by following the advice about the best things to eat and drink to help allay the worst of the problems that often accompany menopause, you can minimize the most unpleasant side-effects extremely effectively.is that none are without money.

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