Making Your Own Juice Recipes

Making Your Own Juice Recipes is easy!

If you are like most newcomers to juicing you may have no idea how to get started creating your own recipes.  The good news is that juicing combinations can be as great as your imagination.

Keep a notebook of your ideas and your creations.  If you don’t like something make a note so that you won’t make that same mistake again.

Making Your Own Juice Recipes


Making Juice Recipes – How To Start

Start with your favorite fruit and vegetable flavors to create tasty combinations.  It’s really not all that hard when you think about it.

Fruit and veggie combo drinks have been available on grocery store shelves for years.  You are not reinventing the wheel.  You’re just doing something wonderful for your health.

Likely the bigger challenge will be tackling vegetable juices.  You will also discover certain nutrient rich veggies or fruits that aren’t on your list of favorites or that you have never tried before.

Without question – juicing will expand your horizons and create new taste sensation opportunities.

Tips On Making Your Own Juice Recipes:

  • Use fruit to add or cover up undesirable flavors. If you want to juice a vegetable but are not particularly fond of the taste try mixing it with a strong tasting fruit.  For example use a lemon, strawberries, an apple, or a citrus fruit.  Pineapples are my personal favorites for adding flavor to a juicing combination.
  • Restrict green vegetable servings to 2 ounces. To avoid gastric discomfort never consume more than 2 ounces of juice from green vegetables.
  • Do not juice bananas and avocados. The result will be a mess that you won’t want to deal with.  More importantly, your juicer will get clogged.
  • Always use manageable pieces. –  Yes, I’ve seen those demonstrations on TV where the host dumps whole fruits and vegetables with ease into the juicer.  Don’t believe everything you see on TV.  You must cut portions that will fit comfortably in your juicer.  Sorry, whole watermelons are a no-no.
  • Remove the rind from citrus fruits but leave the pith. –  OK, you are probably wondering, “What’s the pith?”  Fair enough.  The pith is that white skin between the citrus fruit and the peel.  It’s the source of vital nutrients.
  • Lemons and limes are the exception to the previous tip.  You can juice them whole.
  • Give yourself permission to be creative, and also to make mistakes.  Start with the flavors you like in simple combinations of 2 or 3 fruits and vegetables.  As you gain confidence experiment with new recipe combinations.
  • Most importantly, always keep in mind that juicing is not just about good taste; it’s about feeding your body the finest and most powerful nutrients available.

Raw fruits and vegetables are vastly superior to cooked produce.  Raw vegetables, for example, are particularly beneficial for your muscles, tissues, glands, and organs.  And when you juice your body gets the benefit of 100% of what your body needs.

Do your homework and find out what nutrients your body desperately needs.  Then create your own great recipes to solve the problem.  With juicing you have an incredible tool for good health and wellness.

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