Positive Daily Affirmations

Positive Daily Affirmations: My list of positive affirmations for daily inspiration.

The power of positive affirmations should never be underestimated. Our minds control so much of what happens both inside our bodies and outside in our world. By continually bringing positive affirmations to the forefront of our consciousness, then amazing things can and do happen.

My List Of Positive Daily Affirmations, How to choose and use an Affirmation to suit you. From Love Affirmations to ones for Anxiety ...

You need not take a whole lot of time out of your day to use affirmations. I find the easiest way is to choose a couple of my favorite affirmations, print them in beautiful writing and on attractive paper.

Then I stick it to the mirror in my bathroom, so I see it first thing every morning. I repeat the affirmations a number of times while visualizing what I want.

You can take this a step further and stick affirmations in other places around your home and work place. Some ideas are on the fridge door, beside the television, on the dashboard of your car, beside your computer … anywhere that they will draw your attention throughout your day.

If you are able, you should say your affirmations out loud – and the louder the better! Even sing them if you can, find a catchy melody and sing your affirmation to that, so it will stick in your head.

What you are doing is re-programming your mind. It is good to really think about and concentrate on what you are saying with your affirmations. And do your best to believe it – although this is not always easy at the start! As they say “fake it until you make it”.

How To Choose Positive Daily Affirmations:

First you need to think of what you believe is wrong in your life and what you would like to do to change this. It may be lack of money, you want a better job, you want to attract love into your life, maybe even personality traits you wish you didn’t have.

Then think of a positive side to that and form an affirmation around it. You can make your affirmations colorful, and strong enough to illicit a visual effect in your mind. And they do not need to be perfect – but the do need to be positive.

I – personally – prefer my affirmations to be short and snappy. I don’t want to have to think about them – they just “should be”. So, there’s no long-winded sentences here. Short and to the point only!

Below, I have shared some ideas for positive affirmations that can help you to change your life for the better. Just change them around to suit you, personally.

Daily Affirmations - I Am Happy

My List of Positive Daily Affirmations

Firstly, I will share the original affirmation that started it all, and one which I personally use a lot. It is very powerful.

“Every Day In Every Way I Am Getting Better And Better.”

This famous affirmation is credited to Emile Coue from the nineteenth century. Coue is generally regarded as the father of modern day positive affirmations. It is told that he cured many patients, by using this one affirmation alone.

General Affirmations

  • I am happy, happy, happy (my personal favorite!!!)
  • I love life
  • I am attractive
  • I look great
  • I feel wonderful

Health Affirmations

  • I am bursting with health
  • I only choose foods that are good for me
  • I don’t enjoy fast food
  • My body sings with health
  • I am healthy and strong
  • I am free of disease

Love Affirmations

  • I am worthy of love
  • I deserve to be loved
  • I attract love to me
  • I accept love offered to me by others
  • I give love to others who deserve it
  • I feel love flowing from me
  • I am filled with joy

Abundance Affirmations

  • I have lots of money
  • I choose to be wealthy
  • I am generous
  • Money flows to me freely
  • I attract money
  • I am a money magnet
  • Making money is healthy

Positive Affirmations For Work

Mix these affirmations around to suit your personal style and career or job

  • I love my career
  • I am working at my dream job
  • I take full responsibility for my work
  • I am a master salesman / manager /etc
  • I am doing work that I enjoy
  • I do work I love and get well paid for
  • I open my consciousness to greater prosperity

Positive Affirmations For Anxiety

  • I breathe in calm and breathe out fear
  • I am cool, calm and collected
  • I am in control
  • It is only a though and thoughts can be changed
  • I love myself deeply
  • I choose to relax
  • Life is beautiful

Daily repetition of your own favorite positive daily affirmations WILL bring positive change into your life. It is all about reprogramming the mind to believe what you are telling it. And it is the repetition that will achieve this for you.

365 Daily Affirmations in a Book!

Power Thoughts by Louise Hay

Power Thoughts by Louise Hay

Here is a fantastic book by the amazing Louise Hay “Power Thoughts”. Louise Hay is the author of the international bestseller You Can Heal Your Life. It has a whole year’s worth of positive affirmations, to be read in no particular order, will help create a new way of thinking, acting, and feeling. You can grab it here – you won’t be sorry!

Review of Power Thoughts:

So, …. by taking only a few minutes here and there throughout your day, and with an understanding of what your mind is capable of – then you can change anything in your life for the better.

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