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Raw Food Books To Inspire and Entice!

If you are wanting to learn about raw foods, then you should get your hands on a couple of the best raw food books. This page looks at different raw food books from some of the top selling authors in the holistic lifestyle movement.

If you are wanting to lose some weight, you will find raw diet books. If you are wanting to create amazing, healthy meals – then a raw food cook book will be what you need.

There is something here for people at all stages of learning.

Best Raw Food Books

Make Delicious Raw Food

Until you start looking into just what you can do with raw food, you will probably have no idea how truly scrumptious, visually appealing and beautifully presented completely raw meals can be.

Eye candy – belly candy – and health promoting to boot!

Raw Food Books Intro

First A Little About Raw Food

I was first introduced to the concept of living completely on a raw food diet around 20 years ago, when I had a stay at the Hippocrates Health Center. I loved the foods so much, and how they made me feel that I jumped in head first- boots and all. I must admit that, today, I am not 100% raw, but do the best that I can. I certainly know how much better I feel all over when I am eating a high percentage of raw, whole foods regularly.

Not only can you make salads, both simple and grand, but you can also make things like butter and cheeses out of nuts and seeds. Glorious dressings and toppings. The most amazing mains and desserts – all raw, and all so good for you.

My most favorite dessert of all time is simply soaked dates and figs, processed until smoothish then smothered with a mix of blended, soaked figs and avocado. It is without a doubt the most heavenly food I have ever eaten. And, although it tastes so decadent, it is extremely healthy for a dessert.

So as a raw foodie and a book-a-holic, I would love to share these great books on how to actually prepare and serve raw foods with you. These books below are ones that I recommend and that I am sure you would love.

(If you want to check out the AMAZING desserts you can make – check out this page: Raw Food Desserts)

Raw Energy Book Review

124 Raw Food Recipes for Energy Bars, Smoothies and Snacks to Supercharge Your Body

Raw Energy Book ReviewThis beautiful book certainly makes the grade as not only a recipe book, but also a “how-to” and “why-to” on raw foods.

Raw Energy is stuffed full of healthy information, beautiful photos and great raw recipes. Here are the categories inside which cover everything you need to know about going raw:

  • Raw snack basic
  • Raw Pantry
  • Raw Snack Prep 101
  • Raw milks, shakes, smoothies plus frozen fruit creams
  • Fruit and Veggie Juices
  • Energizer Bars, Balls and Bites
  • Nut Seed and Fruit blends
  • Raw Cereals and Fruit Parfaits
  • Dips, Chips and Spreads
  • Cold Fruit and Veggie Soups
  • Goodies and Desserts

Raw Energy offers 124 recipes for energy bars, smoothies and other snacks. All of the included raw recipes are simple and easy to prepare. You will need a blender and some of the recipes also call for a food dehydrator. If you are already into raw foods, you probably own one already.

The author of Raw Energy is Stephanie Tourles. She is a licensed holistic esthetician, a certified aromatherapist and also a gardener with training in Western and Ayurvedic herbalism. She is the author of eight natural health books.

Get it here: Raw Energy

Going Raw Book Review

Everything You Need to Start Your Own Raw Food Diet and Lifestyle Revolution at Home

Going Raw Book ReviewPassionate about raw foods, the author, Judita Wignall is a certified Holistic Health Counselor who was trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Going Raw is both a really great intro to starting a raw food lifestyle for newbies, as well as being very helpful for seasoned experts.

Apart from an array of healthy and delicious raw recipes, this book covers a whole heap of great information on how to “go raw” including how to sprout and dehydrate foods.

The recipes and steps to take described in Going Raw are easy to follow so you can turn out amazing meals – all from 100% raw, living food. And the reviews are very positive.

Of course there is a whole mass of simply delectable looking photos, that will have you drooling just looking at them. Here is just one review of the book:

5.0 out of 5 stars

Curious about raw? Look no further. By Pinot Noir

This book is a great place to start if you’re curious about the growing raw food scene. Judita Wignall, in a warm, practical and easy tone, explains it all. She lays out the kitchen basics including tools and techniques, offers a range of wonderful recipes from the simplest, throw-it-together-and-eat-in-your-hand wraps to wonderful tasty raw main dishes and the prettiest desserts. Each recipe has a step-by-step photo series, showing exactly how to get it done. There’s nothing precious or intimidating about her recipes, and she has included foods that are not too far removed from the already familiar, like her gorgeous raw vegan pizza, and her OMG brownies.

A great feature of the book is the planned menus, and the clear and easy nutritional information. She seems to have covered all the FAQs, including what she herself eats in a day.

And…the bonus DVD, tucked inside the cover, features Judita demonstrating recipes and techniques, which just brings it all to life.

Even if you’re not into raw food, the book itself is a beautiful piece of art for its design and photography alone. Just a lovely thing to look at and admire.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough if you’re a beginner, and need guidance on how and why and what to do.

Get it here: Going Raw Book

Raw Food Book Review

Complete Raw Food Guide for Every Meal of the Day

Raw Food Book ReviewThe authors of “Raw Food” – Erica Palmcrantz Aziz and Irmela Lilja have put together a very practical, visually attractive full-color guide, that is ideal for any raw-food newbie but also for long term raw food people.

Although the authors do not seem to be 100% raw foodies, which may disappoint some readers,you will find that a lot of the recipes and inspirations are a little different than found in most raw food books.

For example, none of the recipes in Raw Food need you to own a dehydrator, so you can find lots to make without having to spend a lot on this expensive extra appliance.

Raw Food is a beautifully laid out book, with gorgeous and inspiring photos, and has a number of very positive reviews. Here is one of them:

5.0 out of 5 stars

Haven’t Found A Recipe I Don’t Like – By Jason

I cannot list all the recipes that I love from this book, as this review would never end, but my girlfriend thinks I’m a master chef due to this book, and I never was that good in the kitchen to begin with.

As someone who used to work for a smoothie company, I can attest that the fruit smoothie recipes in this book are the real deal. I’ve even concocted my own recipes based on the ones from the book, all though the originals always seem to taste better than mine.

Overall this book is an A+. The food is consistently good, the recipes are easy to follow (which is important) and I’m eating healthier every single day, and have even given up fast food!

Please buy this book, you won’t regret it.

Get it here: Raw Food Book Review

Make a Raspberry Ganache Fudge Cake

by Ani Phyo – Expert Raw Foodie!

In this video you can see renowned raw food expert Ani Phyo making what is her now famous Raspberry Ganache Fudge Cake recipe. This truly amazing cake is 100% raw – and uses “Superfood” ingredients for exceptional nutritional value.

This recipe comes from the book “Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen” which you can see highlighted right below this video.

Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen Review

Ani's Raw Food Kitchen ReviewEasy, Delectable Living Foods Recipes by Ani Phyo

The author of Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen – Ani Phyo is considered to be one of the leading experts in raw food teaching.

In this book you are given not only tantalizing raw recipes but encouragement and an introduction on how and why to eat raw foods.

Looking for an easy yet totally awesome meal? Then how about a Ginger Almond Nori Roll, or a Coconut Kreme Pie with Carob Fudge? Or even Stuffed Anaheim Chili with Mole Sauce?

There are many totally amazing, yet easy to prepare raw food recipes in this highly recommended, must have book for raw foodies.

Get it here: Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen

More Raw Food Books From Ani Phyo

Raw Food Books You Will Love

Ani Phyo has written a number of best sellers in the raw food field. Here are some more of her extremely popular books you might like to browse:

Anis Raw Food Essential - Recipes and Techniques for Mastering the Art of Live Food
Anis Raw Food Essential – Recipes and Techniques for Mastering the Art of Live Food

Anis Raw Food Asia - Easy East-West Fusion Recipes the Raw Food Way
Anis Raw Food Asia – Easy East-West Fusion Recipes the Raw Food Way

Anis 15 Day Fat Blast - The Kick-Ass Plan to Get Lighter Tighter and Sexier Super Fast
Anis 15-Day Fat Blast – The Kick-Ass Plan to Get Lighter Tighter and Sexier Super Fast

Anis Raw Food Desserts - 85 Easy Delectable Sweets and Treats
Ani’s Raw Food Desserts – 85 Easy Delectable Sweets and Treats

List Of More Great Raw Food Books

Raw Recipes, Tips And Tricks

Here is a great selection of some more raw food recipe and instructional books.

Live Raw: Raw Food Recipes for Good Health and Timeless Beauty
Live Raw – Raw Food Recipes for Good Health and Timeless Beauty

Raw Food for Everyone Recipes Book
Raw Food for Everyone – Essential Techniques and 300 Simple-to-Sophisticated Recipes

Raw Food Made Easy Book
Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People Revised Edition

Natural Foods: 100 - 5 Ingredients or Less Raw Food Recipes for Every Meal Occasion
Natural Foods: 100 – 5 Ingredients or Less Raw Food Recipes

Everyday Raw
Everyday Raw

Rawmazing: Over 130 Simple Raw Recipes for Radiant Health
Rawmazing: Over 130 Simple Raw Recipes for Radiant Health

Review of Superfoods by David Wolfe

Superfoods Are The Food and Medicine of the Future

Review of Superfoods by David WolfeThe author of Superfoods – David (Avocado) Wolfe – has penned many best-selling books on and is considered by many to be one of the world’s leading authorities on natural nutrition and health. As a raw food mogul, he doesn’t just preach, he walks-the-walk and lives the raw lifestyle. In this book, he proves once again that he is a living encyclopedia of nutritional facts.

Superfoods includes very detailed information about what Wolfe considers the top 10 Superfoods, along with an in-depth scientific rationale of why they are so special, and healthful for the human body. These are Goji berries, Cacao (raw dark chocolate), Maca, Bee products, Spirulina, AFA Super Blue-Green Algae, Marine Phytoplankton, Aloe Vera, Hempseed and Coconut.

Wolfe also includes a section with information another 7 other Superfoods that didn’t make his top 10, but are still excellent sources of nutrition. These are: Acai, Camu Camu Berries, Chlorella, Incan Berries, Kelp, Noni and Yacon.

Superfoods covers the practical uses of these special wonderfoods, including recipes and dosage, and decorated throughout with fantastic color photo.

This book is written by one of the best and is a valuable tool to have. Highy, HIGHLY recommended!

Get it here: Superfoods by David Wolfe

More Books by David Wolfe

… including different topics

If you have had anything to do with raw food and natural living lately, then I am sure you already know of David Wolfe. A living compendium of almost encyclopedic knowledge on a range of nutritional subjects, Wolfe is also a brilliant writer.

Check out some of David Wolfe’s other books here:

The Sunfood Diet Success System
The Sunfood Diet Success System

Chaga King of the Medicinal Mushrooms
Chaga: King of the Medicinal Mushrooms

Naked Chocolate: The Astonishing Truth About the Worlds Greatest Food
Naked Chocolate: The Astonishing Truth About the World’s Greatest Food

Eating for Beauty - David Wolfe
Eating for Beauty – David Wolfe

Amazing Grace: The Nine Principles of Living in Natural Magic
Amazing Grace: The Nine Principles of Living in Natural Magic

Longevity Now: A Comprehensive Approach to Health
Longevity Now: A Comprehensive Approach to Health

Green Smoothie Recipes

Good Books on How To Make Green Smoothies

Great ideas, hints, tips and recipes for making healthy, Green Smoothies.

One of the best way to fast-track a weight loss diet, or to detox and cleanse your body, raw green smoothies are tops. They are stuffed full of superb, high quality nutrition, that gets assimilated into your body almost immediately.

Green smoothies do not have to taste bad. There are plenty of sweeter foods that you can add in to enhance the taste. Hey, if my “he-man” brother will drink a healthy green smoothy every day – then anyone can.

Here are some great books with recipes, tips and tricks on making green smoothies, that you might like to have a look at:

Healthy Green Drink Diet
The Healthy Green Drink Diet: Advice and Recipes to Energize Alkalize Lose Weight

Green Smoothie Revolution
Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health

Green Smoothie Magic
Green Smoothie Magic – 132+ Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes

The Green Smoothie Bible: 300 Delicious Recipes
The Green Smoothie Bible: 300 Delicious Recipes

Green Smoothies Diet: The Natural Program for Extraordinary Health
Green Smoothies Diet: The Natural Program for Extraordinary Health

The Complete Idiots Guide to Green Smoothies
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Green Smoothies

Raw Cupcakes – Chocolate!

How To Make Raw Food Cupcakes

This video will show you a raw recipe for cupcakes. I am drooling now …

Raw Food Desserts and Treats

Amazing things can be done with 100% raw food!

Presented here are books where you can learn to make the most incredible looking and tasting, healthful desserts, cakes and other treats. All from raw food!

Raw for Dessert: Easy Delights for Everyone
Raw for Dessert: Easy Delights for Everyone

Everyday Raw Desserts
Everyday Raw Desserts Book

Raw Desserts: Mouthwatering Recipes for Cookies Cakes Pastries Pies
Raw Desserts Mouthwatering Recipes Book

Kristen Suzannes EASY Raw Vegan Desserts: Delicious Easy Raw Food Recipes
Kristen Suzanne’s EASY Raw Vegan Desserts: Delicious & Easy Raw Food Recipes

Rawmazing Desserts: Raw Food Recipes for Cookies Cakes Ice Cream and Pie
Rawmazing Desserts Raw Food Recipes Book

Pure Pleasures Cupcake Heaven: Raw Food Sweets
Pure Pleasures Cupcake Heaven: Raw Food Sweets Book

Raw Nut Butter Milkshake Video

Raw Milkshake Recipe

This video shows how to make a Raw Nut Butter Milkshake!

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