Signs Of The Zodiac Gemstones

Signs Of The Zodiac Gemstones

Below is a Zodiac Birthstones Chart – lucky stones for Zodiac Signs.


Signs Of The Zodiac Gemstones. A Zodiac Birthstones Chart - lucky stones for Zodiac Signs. Use these crystals for healing and happiness!

First a little intro … Having had a love of crystals and gemstones for many years, I have gemstones all around my home and I believe they create a wonderful, healthy energy.

I use my gemstones for many different things, from clearing negative energy to enhancing our drinking water .. and to just wearing them because they look beautiful and make me feel good.

You can choose crystals for healing depending on the Zodiac birth sign you fall under.

Zodiac Birthstones Chart


Zodiac Sign Modern Gemstone Gemstones Healing Power
21 Mar – 20 Apr
Bloodstone Bloodstone balances emotion and calms passion. Blood clears toxins from the body, and increases a poor appetite. It is said to reverse aging and bring spiritual rejuvenation. Releases tension and brings feelings of joy.
21 Apr – 21 May
Sapphire Eliminates negativity. Increases psychic & clairvoyant abilities, assists in meditation, encourages truthfulness, and helps develop a better insight into dreams. Physically, it is recommended for disorders of the spine, muscles and as a general healer.
22 May – 21 June


Has a cleansing, balancing & stabilizing effect to well-being. Enhances self-esteem, clarity, perceptiveness & awakens inner talents & abilities. Helps to see the world through a broader point of view.
22 June – 22 July


Calming and centering. Emeralds eliminate emotional imbalances and inspire faith, integrity and loyalty.

23 July – 23 Aug


The Onyx supports integrity, devotion and happiness. It protects the body and improves the general overall health. On an emotional level, it enhances one’s ability to deflect negative energy in general and to follow bliss. It is also said to prevent miscarriages. Onyx is a good crystal for protection
24 Aug – 22 Sept


This crystal is said to inspire courage, confidence and to protect the wearer from all types of negativity. It is credited with quelling fears about death, bringing acceptance and serenity regarding the cycle of life.
23 Sept – 23 Oct
Peridot Peridot is a gemstone of creative expression and spiritual enlightenment. Brings inner peace and acts as an anti-depressant. It is also used as a pain relief.
24 Oct – 22 Nov


The gemstone of inspiration. It enhances imagination and creativity and restores harmony on all levels. Physically, it purifies blood and relieves fatigue. It also helps during childbirth acting as a pain relief.
23 Nov – 21 Dec


Topaz is associated with spiritual growth, transformation and healing, accentuated with a gentle quality, allowing the wearer to transform at a comfortable pace.
22 Dec – 20 Jan


The ruby is gemstone that stirs up internal fires. It is associated with passion, stamina, creative inspiration, sensuality, and self-confidence. It inspires productivity and devotion; to others, to oneself and to chosen goals. Also enhances self-esteem, will power and calms anger.
21 Jan – 18 Feb


Master healer. Protects against environmental pollutants. It strengthens the anatomy & guards against all diseases. Physically, it improves the absorption of nutrients, and helps tissue regeneration.
19 Feb – 20 Mar


Amethyst is regarded as a gemstone of spirituality and contentment. It is believed to bestow stability, strength, inspiration and a sense of true peace. It also acts as an aid for meditation and concentration.


Gemstone Books

If you are interested in learning more about Star Signs Stones and Colors, and how to use healing crystals, the books are a must. A smaller book that you can carry with you when you are crystal shopping comes in very handy.

Here is a selection of the very best birthstones and gemstone books …

The Crystal Bible No.1 Best Seller. Beautifully illustrated, The Crystal Bible offers a comprehensive guide to crystals, their shapes, colors and applications
No.1 Best Seller. Beautifully illustrated. A comprehensive guide to crystals, their shapes, colors and applications

Crystal Healing. Looks at seven crystals attuned to the seven chakras and five
Crystal Healing. Looks at seven crystals attuned to the seven chakras and five “master healer” stones

Judy Hall's Complete Crystal Workshop. Going far beyond a reference guide, The Crystal Experience is more like a personal tutor.
Judy Hall’s Complete Crystal Workshop. Going far beyond a reference guide, more like a personal tutor

Crystal Prescriptions: The A-Z Guide to Over 1,200 Symptoms and Their Healing Crystals
Crystal Prescriptions. A-Z Guide Listing Over 1,200 Symptoms and Their Healing Crystals. This is a practical first-aid guide


Lucky Stones for Zodiac Signs Healing Kits

These beautiful lucky stones for zodiac signs sets are a complete kit for healing. They make a wonderful gift – as well as a treat for yourself. Find out which is your birthstone using the above zodiac birthstones chart.

Featured here is the Gemini Zodiac Healing Stone & Crystal Kit


Crystals for Zodiac Star Signs

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