Storing Kefir Grains

By on January 20, 2012

Like everything else about this amazing probiotic culture, storing kefir grains is too easy for words!

This article shows how I do it.

Store Kefir Grains

Kefir Grains Always Grow

Kefir grains increase usually about 20% to 25% each time you make a batch. Sometimes they will increase more and sometimes very little (maybe they get tired occasionally!).

So to maintain the regularity of the amount of kefir you are making you should keep the amount of kefir grains in the milk relatively the same for each batch.


Kefir Grains Fresh


One of the problems people will have with making kefir at home, is that they put ALL of the grains back into new milk. What will happen is that there are more hungry bacteria and the milk will ferment a lot sooner than expected. It is no real problem, but just makes it a little harder to time things.

So, you need to take off the extra grains. It is great to store some in case you ever have a whoopsie of some kind and lose your lovely kefir grains. It is also lovely to be able to give grains away to your friends and family.

The way I store my grains is simply to freeze them – easy peasy.

1: Put the kefir grains into a ziplock bag:

Storing Kefir Grains 1

2: Cover the grains with a little bit of milk:

 Add Milk To Kefir Grains

3: Put the bag into the freezer.

 Kefir Grains Into Freezer

Don’t forget to label the bag, and also it is a good idea to write the date on it.

You can use these little frozen kefir bags to give away to friends and family. You can also post them frozen, as they will stay cold-ish for a decent period of time – if you make sure to wrap them in some type of insulated packing.



Kefir Grains Live For Ages When Frozen!

I have actually used this method for safely storing kefir grains for more that six years at a stretch, with no problem. NOTE: I didn’t really mean to do that to the poor little fellows! … but I had no need of new ones, so they just stayed there. And one day I thought I would take them out and see what happened …

When you want to use them, all that frozen kefir grains need is to be gently revived – and this just means doing the normal kefir making process for a day or two.

Discard the produce for the first couple of batches. Then your kefir grains should be alive and kicking once more, and all ready to set to work for you.

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