The Very Best Garden Books

The Very Best Garden Books

Are you new to gardening? If you are thinking about starting a garden this year (or know someone who is), you probably are overwhelmed by the sheer number of gardening books and other garden gear available. Which things do you need, what to start with?

I’ve searched for the very best gardening books to present here. You’ll find an excellent selection of things for the beginner gardener that are perfect to help start your new garden.

Of course, these books also make excellent gifts – especially for someone who is just dipping their toes into the water of home gardening.

Best Gardening Books

Possibly The Best Q & A Gardening Book Around

The Best Gardening Books 1Gardening Questions and Answers – The New York Times 1000

This gardening book is based on question and answers that come through the column in the New York Times newspaper.

And with knowledge coming from there, you know these are gardening hints, tips and ideas that people find interesting and relevant. And that they really need answers on.

This book has been extremely popular, with readers from all over the USA sending in their gardening problems.

There is something for everything in Gardening Questions and Answers, from how to grow herbs, what to do to get rid of bugs, controlling creepers … well almost everything you ever wanted help on yourself.

Get it for the best price here: Gardening Questions and Answers

Second Book Recommendation

The Best Gardening Books 2The Joy of Gardening

Garden Way’s Joy of Gardening was written by garden expert Dick Raymond.

This great book shows anyone and everyone how to have a green finger, no matter what your previous experience in gardening is. It is focused on how to grow your own vegetables.

This book is the companion to the television series Garden Way’s Joy of Gardening, which is an extremely popular TV series.

With this book in your possession, you will learn how to turn any patch of earth into a productive vegetable garden, that provides healthy food for your family.

Get it for the best price here: The Joy of Gardening

Best Gardening Books Recommendation 3

The Best Gardening Books 3Square Foot Gardening

All New Square Foot Gardening written by Mel Bartholomew.

Bartholomew’s square foot gardening method has received worldwide acclaim, as it addresses the most common problem that frustrated gardeners may have – and that is lack of space.

His square-foot garden model needs a whole lot less space than traditional row-style vegetable gardens. What is more, it saves gardeners lots of time and money.

If you are new to gardening, want to grow you own food and have absolutely no idea where or how to start – then this book is for you.

All New Square Foot Gardening is a complete guide from the initial design and setting up, to how to use special small space gardening techniques

Get it for the best price here: Square Foot Gardening

My Gardening Book Recommendation 4

The Best Gardening Books 4Yankee Magazine Guidebook

The title alone is awesome:

Yankee Magazine’s Pantyhose, Hot Peppers, Tea Bags, and More-for the Garden: 1,001 Ingenious Ways to Use Common Household Items to Control Weeds, Beat … and Save Time.

What more can I say?

This book is chock full of very clever ideas for home remedies in your garden along with reusing household items for a wide range of uses. It is a seriously fun book to read.

This book comes highly recommended for any gardener to have on their book shelf.

Get it for the best price here: Yankee Magazine Guidebook

5th Best Gardening Book

The Best Gardening Books 5Gardening For Dummies

Gardening All-in-One For Dummies

This handy book is from The National Gardening Association.

Everyone has heard of the famous “for Dummies” range of instructional books. This is a complete reference book for “dummies” and newbies to gardening.

It will give you the knowledge so that you can turn any non-productive patch of land into a lush, verdant paradise.

Gardening All-in-One For Dummies covers all the basic essentials and much more, all in plain English.

Get it for the best price here: Gardening For Dummies

Also Highly Recommended Gardening Book

The Best Gardening Books 6Grow Vegetables: Gardens – Yards – Balconies – Roof Terraces, by Alan Buckingham.

This book is a complete start to finish manual for growing your own healthy vegetables at home.

For those who live in an apartment or unit, this book is a handy instructional manual. It helps with small spaces including how to have a veggie garden on your balcony, in your apartment, or outside. Your garden can be big or small.

Inside Grow Vegetables you will find all the tools and methods you require to be able to grow your own vegetables at home.

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction you get from being able to pick and eat fresh, organic food that you have grown yourself!

Get it for the best price here: Grow Vegetables

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