The Dangers of Vaccination Movie

The Dangers of Vaccination Movie: People who know me will know I have long been against vaccination. When trying to explain why – it is difficult because there are so many factors involved. From the basic inclusion in vaccines of toxic ingredients like mercury and formaldehyde, to the skewing of the immune system and on to the more homeopathic and harder to fully comprehend aspects such as inherited miasms which are caused by vaccines.

The Dangers Of Vaccination

Educate Yourself!

Vaccination is such a contentious issue and is hotly debated around the world. The opposing sides are vehemently against each other, but the research on the dangers of vaccination is there. Once you have scratched the surface of just what is wrong with vaccinations, it can be extremely upsetting. Instead of blindly following what a doctor or other professional recommends, people should be doing a little research and using verified knowledge to make good health decisions for themselves and their families.

Anyway, watch the intro videos below, to discover a wider knowledge on the dangers of vaccination.

This video is a compilation of interviews with a number of the world’s leading expert medical researchers, private physicians who specialize in autism, the parents of children who are suffering from immunization, vaccination activists, congressmen, legal authorities and many more.

The Hidden Dangers of Vaccines Movie should open your mind to one of the grossest practices of our times and to the future of our children.

The complete movie is 90 minutes long. Here is the first couple of segments.


Vaccination: The Hidden Truth – Chapter 1 Introduction




Vaccination: The Hidden Truth – Chapter 2/1 – Did vaccines really save us?



Sadly, the uploader of these videos has disabled embedding of some of the segments, so I can’t add them here. If you would like to watch more of this video, you can go to the next segment here: Because I feel strongly that this information should be shared freely, and I am so disappointed they have disabled embedding – that I won’t even give them a hop-link. So you will need to copy and past the URL.

Well, if you managed to watch the whole series of this movie, I hope you have gained some understanding about the dangers of vaccines. Please feel free to leave your comments below.