Vaccine Damage Stories

Vaccine Damage Stories of Personal Injury: There is a massive body of evidence that proves the dangers of vaccination. Here I have selected a few personal stories of vaccine damaged children. These are all so very sad and were totally avoidable. The worst thing is that parents believe that they are doing the very best for their children. 

Vaccine Damage Stories

Vaccine Damage – Does It happen?

While the vaccine debate rages on and on, parents are encouraged to ask plenty of questions before vaccinating their children (or themselves).  In my opinion, vaccinating a child poses a much higher risk than the diseases that vaccines are supposed to prevent. And interestingly enough, many vaccinated children have no immunity at all to the diseases they have been vaccinated for.

You have the right as a parent to question anything that involves your child’s health. You cannot make decisions without having any facts. If you need a little push to look into this issue before deciding whether or not to vaccinate your children, below are some vaccine damage stories from around the world.


Harlee and Ashlee:

” I recently took our only children, Harley (2 months) and Ashlee (2 years), to the doctor for their well-baby appointments. Harley had the sniffles and Ashlee had a cold, otherwise both were in perfect health. Harley was given his first DPT, polio, and Hib shots. Ashlee received her first Hib and MMR shots, as well as her third DPT and fourth polio shots.

After the vaccinations I laid the children down for their naps. Harley woke first; his thighs were red. I heard Ashlee wake and then I heard a ‘THUMP!’ Ashlee fell flat on the floor. She cried out ‘Mommy, me no walk!’ I checked her over and stood her up; there was no strength in either leg.

I called the hospital and rushed Ashlee to the emergency ward. I left Harley with a responsible woman to look after him while we were away. At the hospital we waited more than 20 minutes for the doctor to finish his popcorn before he would check Ashlee. He never touched her, nor was she undressed. The official report stated that the child couldn’t walk, ‘no other problem.

When we returned home, Harley was high-pitched screaming. The babysitter said it started more than one-and-a-half hours before. He was inconsolable. He finally screamed himself into exhaustion two hours later. I called the emergency ward. They recommended a warm bath and told me it was ‘nothing to worry about.’=

For ten days Harley’s behavior changed. He barely slept, hardly ate, and seemed to be getting worse. On May 17 at 9:00 a.m., my husband got up, checked on Harley, and yelled out, ‘Bonnie, get up, call the ambulance. Harley is dead!’ “

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Clayton’s Vaccine Damage Story:

” Clayton’s first DPT-P shot was administered at 8 weeks. Within hours, I could not hold him, try as I might, for he was arched right over backwards. His screaming was non-stop, at an unnatural, terrifying pitch I had never heard before. I later learned this is called ‘the encephalitic scream.’ I called our family pediatrician at 2 a.m. asking if I should bring Clayton in to the ER. No, I was told, this was normal, and it was suggested to me that I should just let him ‘cry it out.’ I was then told that Clayton would be fine, and that I should leave him be and go get some sleep. This went on for 16 hours! Still another call, with me more and more frantic. Being told to relax, as my hysterics could be exacerbating the problem. I was exhausted and fearful, and once again, asked if I should bring my son to the hospital. Again the answer was no, and again, told to just go to bed. Sleep! Though my mind and body were screaming for just that, sleep was the last thing on my mind. All I could do was sit on the bed and cry; I’d never felt such a keen feeling of helplessness, and isolation in my life. There was no family to call for help – the Dr’s were all I could count on to help us… or so I thought.

Clayton grew very quiet. At this point, I was able to encourage him to nurse weakly for perhaps a minute, before his little body shuddered, and he fell into a deep sleep. His limbs were flaccid and limp as I changed him and placed him into his bassinet.

Too nervous to sleep, I paced the floor, chewing my nails, still unsure as to whether or not Clayton was really okay. Sitting on the edge of the couch, I stared into the bassinet. Not long after he had fallen asleep, his skin turned gray and his lips blue. (again, for the second time in his short life – cyanotic)

As I watched, Clayton stopped breathing. I couldn’t believe this was happening! (SIDS??) I nudged my son, and he gasped and began to breathe again. It happened over and over again. I had been without sleep at this point over 24 hours, and wasn’t sure my judgments were to be trusted. I trusted my pediatrician implicitly, blindly. I called him yet again, this time in total hysterics. I managed to explain to him what had happened. I told him how nudging the baby, seemed to get him breathing. Again, I questioned whether my son should be in the hospital. “

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Cael’s Story

” Even after this first severe reaction, the doctors felt that we should go ahead and continue with his vaccines. We did and Cael continued to have seizures after the shots. Around this time, we began seeing stories on the news about kids reacting to bad lots of vaccines, kids that were having seizures and other neurological problems. We inquired through the National Vaccine Information Center and requested a packet of specific lot numbers from vaccines that had reports of reactions and deaths associated with it. We also requested a copy of Cael’s shot record from his doctor with the lot number from that DPT vaccine given on July 13, 1993.

When I received the packet of 900 lot numbers, I began scanning the columns. Sure enough, there his was: a total of 152 reactions and four deaths reported within this lot for DPT shots given between October 1992 and December 1993. Of the 900 lots, this was the fourth largest group of reactions reported. What I found unbelievable was that three of the deaths occurred following shots given before July of 1993, when Cael received his! How could this lot of vaccines not be pulled from doctor’s offices immediately after one death, much less three deaths?

I was appalled that my child was given a shot from a batch that was known to have caused reactions and even death! “

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” The 9th of this month marked four years ago that Eden had her vaccine reaction. That was a very scary day for us and I still can hear her high pitched cry when I reflect on those horrific moments. This high pitched cry is known as the ‘cri encephalique’ and is an indication of neurological irritation. The brain swells (encephalitis), causing an extremely painful headache which makes the baby cry in a high-pitched way.

This is of the most widely recognized signs of vaccination sequelae, and is indication of a severe reaction when accompanied by persistent crying for 3 or more hours, fever over 103F, and excessive sleepiness. Eden had all of these things within four hours of receiving her four month vaccinations, seven vaccines (she weighed a little over 12 pounds).

I will also never forget feeling as though we had lost our little one forever, and seeing that same fear in Chepe’s eyes. Neither of us would say it, but we knew what each other were thinking, and our silence was pain enough. Thankfully we had a more positive outcome then others and Eden is now a wonderful little four year old full of lots of energy. “

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Whether or Not To Vaccinate

Again, to vaccinate or not is a very contentious issue. It raises extreme and often violent reactions from both sides. You are encouraged to research all you can, so that you are able to make your own informed decisions about whether or not to vaccinate, that you can live with.

I believe the key to immunity is to lead a healthy lifestyle, making sure you are as healthy as you can be. If all your bodily systems are working well, most diseases do not stand much of a chance and will be dealt with by your immune system – as designed.


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