Ways To Detox Your Body

Different Ways To Detox Your Body

Most people tend to focus on improving their health through diet and exercise. These of course do go a long way in enhancing your overall health, but they do not take care of all of the problems we are facing in modern times.

Our bodies continually accumulate toxins, we are awash with daily intake along with years of build up. These accumulated wastes have to be removed or it will have severe impact on our health. So, it is in your best interest to regularly do a body detox.

A body detox is simply the process of removing toxic substances from your body by cleansing the blood in the liver, via the kidneys, lungs, intestines and skin.

So, how do you know when your body needs a detox? Do you feel tired and exhausted all the time? Do you feel that your stomach is bloated? If yes, then it’s a sign from your body telling you to slow down with the toxin accumulation. Your body is accumulating toxins faster than your body can discard and it’s time for you to detox your body.

Ways To Detox Your Body

Best Ways to Detox Your Body

Before going on a full detox diet, start with the basic steps first. Sometimes, what you need is just some simple changes in your lifestyles and you are on your way towards healthier living. Those simple changes include reducing the number of cigarettes smoked and reducing alcohol and coffee consumption. It will do you good too by eating less food with refined sugars and saturated fat.

There are a lot of ways to detox your body and below are some of the ways you can follow to detox your body. Choose one that you are comfortable with and you can fit into your lifestyle. One of the major reasons a person drops out before completion – is because they chose a detox system that is just too rigorous to stick to.

Juice fasting

Juice fasting is basically going on a diet where all you eat are fruits and vegetables. There will be no meat – plant-based intake only. You are required to drink juices made of fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples, cranberries, carrots and cabbages the entire day.

This is an advanced body detoxification diet and is not for everyone – as it may leave you devoid of energy through out the day. Please note, the maximum period recommended for anyone starting off on a fasting-type diet is three days.

Water Fasting

This is another advanced detoxification method that will have you drinking only water for the entire day. If you follow this step to detox your body, do not do it for more than 1 day. You are advised to only do a water fast at home. And when you are not required to do any heavy activities.

As a Water Fast will aggressively detox your body, you need to conserve energy. A water fast should only be undertaken when you are able to rest completely. Some people even take to their beds for the entirety of their Water Fast – which is a sensible thing to do.

Detox Foot Bath

Detox Foot Bath

Detox Foot Bath

Regularly using a Detox Foot Bath is one of the simplest ways to detox your body.

It’s an easy to do home remedy that will leave you rejuvenated and free of toxins. A Detox foot bath stimulates the reflexology points in your feet to gently pull out toxins.

Toxins are removed easily and before long, you will see them collecting in the water of your foot bath. This process is very relaxing and easy to do. I always feel simply wonderful after this gentle and soothing treatment!

If you are not keen on purchasing a machine (they can be costly)- check out my article here: Make Your Own Detox Foot Bath

Dry Skin Brushing

Detox With Dry Skin Brushing

Skin Brushes

Skin Brushing involves brushing your entire body with brush made with natural bristles. Dry skin brushing helps to stimulate the Lymphatic System, which helps detox in general. The lymphatic system is what moves the waste from your tissues.

Dry skin brushing is also an exfoliator. This removes dead dry skin and clears clogged pores – allowing your skin to breathe. Thus improving the appearance. Skin brushing also reduces cellulite.

It’s recommended to use long handled brushes. One of the best ways to do a skin brush is to do it before going into the shower.

Start at the soles of your feet and brush your skin in a circular motion. From there, work your way up to the top of your head. It is recommended that when using strokes – that you move the brush towards the heart area.

Other Ways To Detox

There are a number of helpful ways to support your body while your are on a detox journey. Here, I have chosen a few of my favorite products to show you. All of which are just little additions, but very simple to use and ULTRA helpful for your detox journey.

I adore the Himalayan Salt & Aromatherapy lamp, as you get the best of both worlds. The heavenly aroma from your favorite, relaxing essential oil – plus the therapeutic. negative ion generating Salt Lamp!

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A Word of Caution:

Before going all out on a full detox diet, you should always consult a qualified professional for complete and individual advice. Trying to do a detox while you are taking any medication will only do you more harm than good. The same things goes if you are pregnant. Don’t ever go on a detox diet when you are pregnant!


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