Where To Buy Chinese Herbs Online

There are many places to buy Chinese herbs online and in stores. If you are wanting to buy Chinese herbs, here is my suggestion of where to get them, and also tips for buying herbs online safely. 

Buying Chinese Herbs

The easiest way is to buy your herbs online, from the comfort of your home. A decently set up website will allow you to be able to scroll through the many various options quickly and choose mail order herbs to be sent out to you.

Buy Chinese Herbs

Selections can be added to your online shopping basket and also deleted very quickly too.

It is a good way of saving the particular Chinese herbs you are wanting to buy, while you continue to browse around the store.

You do, however, need to make sure you only buy Chinese herbs from a reputable seller. And also that their store is secure for online purchasers.

You can check that by looking for the little padlock in the left of the browser URL bar.

There should also be a https at the start of their URL. The “s” means that the site is secure – so make sure that you see it!

What Are Chinese Herbs Used For?

Chinese herbs are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, called TCM for short. TCM is an integrative style of medicine that has been practiced for more than two and a half THOUSAND years.

TCM uses preventatives, treatments and curatives for every aspect of the human body. It encompasses the mind, body and spirit and considers all of them to be an integral part of good health.

What Are Chinese HerbsThe concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine is centered around balancing a person’s energy flow, known as Qi or Chi. Once balanced then everything may work in harmony, diseases cured, emotional issues eased, addictions relieved.

Modern medicine looks at disease as something that must be “fixed” – killed or removed. TCM looks at, not removing the disease as such, but more providing the tools to allow the body to restore health itself. Stimulating and cleansing various organs and tissues, and just allowing everything to function properly.

There are different modalities in TCM and some of these are well know in the western world, such as herbal therapy, acupuncture, acupressure and Qigong.

And Traditional Chinese Medicine harness more than just plants and all their parts; it also uses insects, various parts of animals, dirt, stones, bones and more.

Chinese Herbal Therapy:

Traditional Chinese Medicine has encompassed the use of herbs for healing for thousands of years and the knowledge that has accumulated is astounding. The system understands how thousands of different herbs act on the human organism, and how they can be also used in synergistic combinations, to provide heightened healing.

Introduction to Chinese Herbs Video

In this intro video to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Mahanian explains the what, how and why of some Chinese herbs.




My Buy Chinese Herbs Online Recommendation

Chinese Herbs For Sale

Buy Chinese Herbs OnlineI recommend this seller because, they have the largest selection of Chinese herbs online. Their mail order herbs, they believe, are the highest quality, all-natural formulas available to buy.

They have a range of hundreds of Chinese herbs as well as proven herbal combinations, vitamins and formulas from many top manufacturers – in both the U.S. and China.

They have many different choices from bulk Chinese herbs to Chinese herbal remedies and Chinese herbal teas.

They also offer great value on the pricing. Being a very large purchaser of herbal remedies, they are able to pass on really good savings of 20-50% – and sometimes more – off regular pricing.

This company also offer a valuable and reliable guarantee on their products. If you are not 100% satisfied when you buy Chinese herbs from them, they will refund your money.




Forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs

This is a great video that shows you the different forms Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs come in and how to use them. From natural to Chinese tea pills, your questions are answered.




Buy Chinese Herbs Online Here


Have You Ever Bought Chinese Herbs?

Did you ever buy Chinese herbs in the past, either online or at a store? Did you find it easy to get what you wanted. Did you actually know what you wanted?Would you care to leave me some feedback, or just make a suggestion? I’m always glad to hear what more you’d like to see here!

Please leave your thoughts about buying Chinese herbs in the comment section below.

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