Where To Buy Honeycomb?

Want To Know Where to buy Honeycomb?

If you are like me and find the taste and texture of real honey comb simply divine, almost too good to be true, don’t get stuck not knowing where to buy honeycomb.

Where to Buy Honeycomb Online. Real, realthy, raw honey comb!

Here in this page I have a look at some different brands of real honey honeycomb and places that you can buy this pure, natural gift from bees to us.

Some people find the inclusions of teeny bits of wax off-putting, but this is the way nature made this wonder food and a part of it’s uniqueness. So, all that there is left to say in this quick introduction is “bon appetit”

Isn’t this one of the most beautiful foods? The color is so dynamic, I just love it! Pure .. liquid .. gold. And, not only is raw honey beautiful, it is one of the true natures-own Super Foods, that offers incredible health benefits. Learn more about the health benefits of natural honey here: Benefits of Honey

The Bee’s Home – What does honeycomb look like?

If you have never seen raw honey comb, here is a video that gives some great close ups of a piece of comb honey.

Then skip on down below for a range of delicious honey products and where you can buy honeycomb online.



How Do You Eat Comb Honey?

This short video tells you exactly how to eat comb honey – it’s not hard you just chop a bit off and pop it into your mouth!

However, there is some really good views in this video – of what a lovely, fresh, raw honeycomb looks like – that you might like to see.



Where to buy Honeycomb Online

Love and Want Some Honey Comb?

So, just where can a person get their hands on some sweet, delicious honeycomb? Check out all these delicious honey products you can buy online, and you can find the links if you would like to purchase some at the bottom of this page,

Wildflower Honeycomb

WildFlower HoneycombChemical Free Wildflower Comb Honey

Wildflower Honeycomb 5oz Pack

Wildflower offers this all natural, raw honeycomb, that comes from pasturage where there is no cultivation, fertilization or chemicals sprayed.

It is a product of the USA and comes in handy 5oz packs.

If you would like to buy honeycomb like this, click the image to learn more.

Info & Price

Savannah Bee Honeycomb

Savannah Bee HoneycombRaw Honeycomb Square by Savannah Bee

Untreated, unprocessed Kosher raw honeycomb.

Savannah Bee Honeycomb is cut by hand from the frame and boxed up, without any treating or processing.

This yummy, scrumptious, delicious honeycomb is certified KSA Kosher.

If you would like to buy this honeycomb, or would like to learn more about it, then simply click on the image.

Info & Price

Pure Bee Honeycomb

Pure Bee Honeycombby Ziayad

This product is all natural honey comb – just as the bees made it.

A case of 18 x 14 oz. singles

Pure Bee Honeycomb is raw honey, still in the comb. It is sent straight from the hive to the buyers home, with no additional treatment or processing.

This link takes you to a bulk purchase option, however on the page you will see the option to buy a single pack of this same honeycomb product.

Info & Price

Natural Comb Honey

Natural Comb Honey by Annas Honeyby Anna’s Honey

8oz of Scrumptious Raw Honeycomb-  two packs

All-natural comb honey; honey in its purest form.

This is Nature’s candy; wholesome honey and chewy beeswax

100% Natural, raw, grade A honey

Info & Price

Wildflower Real Comb Honey

Wildflower Real Comb Honeyby Moon Shine Trading Company

Comb Honey Wildflower 8oz Round

From Moon Shine Trading Company comes this gorgeous US Produced pure honey.

Pure and untouched by human hands and just the way the bees made it.

All Kosher, natural and unprocessed honey comb – Product of the USA.

Info & Price

Pure Bee Honey Comb

Pure Bee Honey CombZiyad brand pure Bee Honeycomb – 14oz

This honey in the comb is a product of Turkey.

Delicious and raw, this sweet honeycomb brought to you by Ziyad brand is a very popular buy with many honeycomb aficionados

Info & Price

Rare Raw Honeycomb Chunks

Rare Raw Honeycomb ChunksReal Honeycomb from Sleeping Bear Farms

1 Gallon Pail with rare availability – grab one now before sold out!

No Additives, 100% Pure Star Thistle Honey and Hand Cut Bee’s Wax Cut Comb.

This is a very high quality Northern Michigan Honey.

It is 100% pure and contains no additives, artificial flavors, sugars or anything else extra.

Info & Price

Greek Honey Comb

by Greekagro and Doesn’t It Look Just Fantastic!

Greek Honey CombGreek Honey Comb Raw 450-500 Gr or 15.8-17 Oz

This sweet natural product is Raw Greek Comb Honey. This is all natural Greek Raw Honeycomb. This sweet honeycomb honey is made from bees foraging on Pine, Bear Berry, Heather and other wild autumnal flowers.

Pine honey is reported to have a high nutritional value, with accompanying health benefits such as being a stimulant, an anti-tussive, an anti-catarrh and a diuretic.

Can you feel your taste buds popping yet?

Info & Price

Pure Natural Comb Honey

by Durham’s Bee Farm

Pure Natural Comb Honey DurhamsThe Ultimate in Flavor and Aroma from Durham’s Bee Farm Family Owned.

Fresh Comb Honey from an Expert Pure Honey Producer, a family owned farm: Durham’s Bee Farm, Inc.

This product is a 4″ Pure Comb Honey Square.

Cut straight from the hive and shipped directly to you, the customer for the ultimate in freshness.

Info & Price

Honeycomb Box

From The Savannah Bee Company

Honeycomb BoxPure comb honey, infused of the flavors of Georgia’s flowers. A product of the USA.

This Savannah Bee Company Honeycomb has been referred to as a 5 Star Plus product by one independent consumer.

They described it as being a luxurious and smooth tasting honeycomb. Also saying that the comb itself isn’t waxy and the honey is a beautiful, full gold color, with a mild yet deep taste.

Info & Price

Wildflower Honeycomb

by Tropic Bee

Wildflower Honeycomb Tropic BeeTropic Bee Wildflower Honeycomb comes in 5oz Boxes nd a Pack of 4

Pure raw honeycomb that is supplied to the customer in four individually wrapped 5oz. boxes for ultimate freshness.

One customer describes this as being a most delicious and vivid tasting honey, that simply delights the taste buds!

Tropic Bee Wildflower Honeycomb is a Product of Florida, USA. It is All-natural, Kosher comb honey, gluten and fat free.

Info & Price

Colorado Honey Comb

Colorado Honey Combby Honey Brother

Honeycomb (Colorado Honey Comb) 10oz

One customers says that this honeycomb is alright if you are not used to eating a high quality comb honey product. They found it to be a disappointment although great for children. They said it was very waxy, and instead of it being soft and pliable as it should be – it was brittle with parts broken.

So if you are just wanting to try honeycomb at a great price, this would be good. But if you are a serious honeycomb eater – choose another product.

Info & Price

Pure Natural Comb Honey

Raw Honeycomb Florida WildflowerWildflower Raw Honeycomb by Florida Wildflower

12ozHoneycomb. A raw comb honey product offered by Florida Wildflower

Made by the bees from wildflowers in Florida.

Product of the USA and supplied in a 12 oz package.

Info & Price

Pure Sweet Honeycomb

by Artisanal Premium Cheese

Honeycomb by ArtisanalI cannot find much information on this product, although I am sure you will agree that the photo shows a really beautiful chunk of honey comb!

This product is supplied by a company that specialized in gourmet cheeses, so I could only surmise that this product is of high quality.

It is supplied in a 4″x4″ square, and comes from honeybees in southern Georgia.

Info & Price

Did you find where to buy honeycomb? … or are you still looking?

I hope this page has helped you to find just the right yummy honey – or at least offered you some options you may not have thought of where to buy honeycomb. Now … go enjoy (after you leave your comment of course!)

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