Yoga Detox?

Does Yoga Detox?

Yoga is a great way to help your body keep up with the demands of a busy lifestyle and also to help with detoxing. Most people think yoga is all about doing difficult poses. However, there are very different types of Yoga, some of which I have a quick explanation of below. And as you will see, there is a whole lot more to yoga than just maneuvering your body. 

Yoga Detox

Yoga is particularly well-suited to ensuring that your waste removal systems are functioning well. As it systematically stretches and compresses every single part of your body, it has an extremely beneficial effect on all the major systems, including the circulatory, digestive and lymph systems. Yoga facilitates the removal of toxic waste products such as carbon dioxide, lactic acid and lymphatic fluid from deep tissues and bodily extremities.

When practiced regularly, yogic breathing helps remove carbon dioxide from deep in the lung tissues, stimulates the digestive organs and also will gradually retrain the diaphragm to move freely. This massages the abdominal organs and makes sure that the lungs are entirely emptied with each breath. Lungs play a large part in expelling toxins from our bodies – most people are aware of the bad breath that is usually given off by people who are ill.

So yes, yoga detox is a helpful part of any cleansing and detoxing program. It will move things along faster and also allow your state of mind to stay peaceful.

Yoga Detox Videos:

Luckily, the internet has made it easy to do anything that requires following someone else, and yoga is no exception. There are hundreds of yoga detox videos online for people to learn from and follow along with. Here is my favorite of the Yoga Detox videos that says “Get 45-minutes of yoga results in just 30 minutes! This creative sequence from Sadie Nardini, international yoga instructor, fierce living expert and founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga will tone your whole body, detoxify you and burn calories even as you work out.”

Recommended: Do this Yoga detox workout 4-5 times a week



The Different Types of Yoga

Hatha Yoga:

Hatha yoga is also called yoga of postures and it is most famous type of yoga in the west, which you are probably aware of already. In this form of yoga, the body is posed in many posture – both easy and difficult. The basic emphasis of this type of Yoga is to achieve peace through physical exercises, breathing techniques and mediation. Basic purpose of this form of yoga is to achieve better health along with spirituality.

This is the easiest type of Yoga too, because it does not take too much time from your busy routine and you can learn and master this art along with your daily work. You can easily adjust your schedule to practice and your daily routine will not be disturbed with this yoga form.

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Bhakti Yoga:

Bhakti is referred to as The Yoga of Devotion, and it is also the most practiced type of Yoga in India. Bhakti Yoga involves spirituality and giving more than physical postures. It revolves around heart and divine. You have to choose a path which suits your hear desires most and then, you have to see everything and everyone through that path. Bhakti yoga allows you to develop your faith in something and they take that faith to that level where it can tell you the exact way to catch.

Raja Yoga:

Raja yoga is also called yoga of self-control. Even though self-control is characteristic of almost every type of Yoga but this form pays special attention to self-control. Most of the people who practice this type of yoga are members of some religious prestige. Raja yogi sees him as central and gives respect to everything around.

The basic step in mastering self-control is to allow you to be discovered. Discipline learning is the basic characteristic of raja yoga and if your life is distracted and undisciplined then, you must practice raja yoga to gain control of your life and make it more disciplined.

Tantra Yoga:

Tantra yoga is the yoga of rituals but most of the times; it is misunderstood by many people because they rename it as sex yoga. Sex is just another part of this yoga but this is not all about tantra yoga. Yogis who practice tantra yoga possess certain qualities like purity, humility, devotion, dedication to his Guru, cosmic love and some others.

Jnana Yoga:

Jnana yoga which is also called yoga of mind deals primarily with human  brain and it tends to control the intelligence of people. In this yoga people  learn to integrate wisdom and intellect and with combination of these two,  they try to create a perfect moment in their life when they never make  wrong decisions. People who practice jnana yoga are very open minded and  they keep learning about other religions, professionals, in order to expand their knowledge as they believe that expanding the knowledge expands
their mental and intellect strength.

Karma Yoga:

Karma yoga believes that you can make your future better by doing kind and selfless deeds in the present. It also believes that if your present is uncertain and hard then, it is the result of your past deeds.

Yogis, who practice karma yoga, do selfless help of other people, in order to make sure that their kindness to other people will make their future a better place. Karma yoga changes their whole concept of good and evil which changes their internal soul and makes them a better person with a bright destiny.

These are all the different types of yoga but there are some misconceptions also about yoga. For example some people say yoga is a religion however this is not the case. Yoga is just a way to make your life better and integrate emotion peace and physical well being in your life. Yoga helps you to achieve a better life with more control over your mind, thoughts and actions. Yoga is also simply an exercise form to keep your body fit however – this is not the whole concept of yoga.

Exercise and physical health is just small portion of yoga but the higher aim of yoga is lot more sacred and important.

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