Benefits Of Juicing

The Benefits Of Juicing: Here is a list of my 5 favorite benefits of juicing. Juicing does so many great things for your body and even just incorporating a couple of freshly extracted juices each week into your diet will give you benefits.

Of course I recommend at least one juice each day for the best possible use of this great healing tool. But just do what you can.

For health-conscious people who seriously want to meet the ideal amount of vegetables and fruits in their diet, the increasingly popular way to achieve this is through juicing. Juicing is simply the process of extracting the juice out of vegetables and fruits, separating the juice from the fibrous pulp.

And juicing can be of major benefit to people wanting to shed some extra pounds. For those people interesting in learning more about weight loss by juice fasting, please visit my page here: Juice Fast Weight Loss.


The Benefits Of Juicing 

My 5 Benefits of Juicing:

No 1 Juicing Benefit: Easy Weightloss

When you are juicing for weight loss, it is a fantastic way of incorporating lots of vegetables and fruits into your diet. Juicing is the best and easiest way to provide fat-free micro-nutrients that contain very little calories.

You might be interested to know that there are also certain vegetables that actually stimulate fat burning. These very helpful vegetables include cabbage, carrots, broccoli and other dark green vegetables. These are “negative calorie foods” that use up more calories to digest than they contain. Thus, they are best to use in juicing recipes for weight loss.



No 2 Juicing Benefit: Superior Nutrients

When juicing, you are consuming nutrients in their freshest state possible. Coming directly from a whole piece of fruit or a vegetable – it doesn’t get much better than that. Freshly extracted juices contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and living enzymes that are no longer present in cooked or processed foods, and that your body needs to function optimally.

No 3 Juicing Benefit: Rest Your Digestive System

Digestion is a major MAJOR hogger of our bodily energy. One of the main benefits of juicing, especially juice fasting, is that you put nutrients directly into your body that require almost no effort to digest.

No 4 Juicing Benefit: Start A Healing Process

To whatever degree food intake is reduced – the body”s digestive workload is proportionately reduced. It will naturally and intelligently redirect energy to wherever that energy is most needed. Regular juice fasting can actually slow down the aging process, as it improves organ function

No 5 Juicing Benefit: Stop Diet Cravings

When juicing for weight loss you will actually be keeping any of those nasty diet cravings in check. Fresh juices help to suppress the appetite and curb cravings. A glass of fresh juice before your meal will stop diet cravings and hunger pangs. You will experience a decrease in appetite. Vegetable juices contain less sugar than fruit juices and often help stabilize blood sugar levels.

Get Juicing!

Along with the above list of juicing benefits, there are many, many more you will enjoy if you are juicing regularly. These include; better skin, fresher breath, easier sleep, more energy, faster healing, heightened immune system … the list just goes on and on.