Healthy Juicer Manual Hand Powered Wheatgrass Juicer

Healthy Juicer – Manual Hand Powered Wheatgrass Juicer

The easiest, most efficient and most affordable manual wheatgrass juicer available.  Most people know about the extensive health benefits of juicing, but nobody enjoys the process of setting up the juicer and worst of all, cleaning up afterwards. 

Healthy Juicer Manual Hand powered wheatgrass juicer

The Healthy Juicer is rugged, efficient, and best of all, easy to use and clean! Designed to handle leafy greens There are two types of juicers on the market today. Centrifugal and masticating (meaning to crush and squeeze).

The main benefit of a masticating juicer is that it crushes the fruits and vegetables as opposed to shredding them as your average centrifugal juicer does.

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This process of crushing and squeezing extracts more juice and also has less heat build up than from the high speed at which centrifugal juicers work, which destroys the enzymes and other vital nutrients.

If you have ever tried to juice leafy vegetables such as parsley, spinach or even cabbage in a centrifugal juicer, then you will already know that a significant proportion of your juice is wasted and just passes through as centrifugal juicers do not have any crushing ability.

Vegetables are expensive today, especially organic ones. Why throw your money away by not extracting as much juice and nutrients as possible from them? The specially designed

Healthy Juicer Description:

  • Compact, light weight Wheatgrass Juicer – great for travel
  • Patented suction base is rated at over 100lbs of force. It securely attaches to any smooth surface
  • Includes operating instructions on using your healthy juicer (DVD is no longer included)
  • All parts of the juicer are made of extra tough Polycarbonate (Lexan) – non-toxic FDA approved
  • Manufactures Limited 1 Year Warranty

Healthy Juicer Wheatgrass Juicer

The Healthy Juicer produces a healthier juice! The nutrients in the produce does not get heated and is extracted in a relatively gentle way without high speed spinning, leaving all the goodies in the juice for your body to use.

Of course a manual juicer takes a little energy to use, so may not be the best choice for those in a hurry or who have very little strength.

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Healthy Juicer Reviews From Customers:

5.0 out of 5 stars Best Juicer Under $100 By LCS “digophelia” (IL)

This juicer does everything it claims and more! While it is most effective for leafy greens (we’ve mostly used kale; haven’t yet tried wheatgrass), it also works quite well with other fruits and vegetables. Mushier fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes and strawberries, can also be juiced with this juicer – we had great success when we evenly mixed them, coarsely chopped, with more fibrous fruits/vegetables, such as beets, celery, or apples. We’ve been able to make Green Lemonade several times, without any trouble. While it is primarily plastic, the parts are very strong: the main body appears to be composed of material similar to that of a Nalgene bottle, and both the body and auger easily withstood a drop of 3.5′ onto tile. Extremely easy set-up and clean-up.

4.0 out of 5 stars Good value entry level By Thearthur Little (Pembroke Pines, FL United States)

I purchased this to juice wheat grass only. It does a very good job of removing the majority of the juice and the residue is barely moist. I recommend this juicer for wheat grass, and I would buy it again as a good value compared to the price of other wheat grass juicers.I have not tried to juice other products. I have used it almost daily during the two months since I purchased it, and it performs as advertised. If long term results are different, I’ll submit an update.

4.0 out of 5 stars Not a bad buy By Mili Aggarwal (NJ, USA)

We were told by one of our acquantainces to start drinking wheatgrass juice as this is very good for health. Initially we started buying the juice from the juice corners, but then to make things more affordable – we started buying wheatgrass and wanted to buy a juicer so that we can extract juice ourselves. So, we ordered it in Oct 12,2011 and now that we have been using it for 6 months, I decided to write the review –

Pros –

  • 1. It’s not at all a complicated process for taking the juice. Since its manual, no need of electricity and anyone can do it. Its very simple to use it. But a little hard work – so a good arms work-out for the day.
  • 2. It really helps is getting a good amount of wheatgrass juice.
  • 3. Relatively much cheaper than the other wheatgrass juicers available in the market – thus,value for money.

Cons –

  • 1. Its very difficult to clean it. We havent been able to clean the inside of the circular tube ever since we have bought it. But then I am a cleaning maniac – thats why it bugs me else you can clean the rest of the parts very easily.
  • 2. You have to be a little careful in using it. I broke the handle of my juice yesterday. And that was because I put in a lot of wheatgrass and was trying to rotate the handle when it gave up. I am planning to use a super-glue to fix it but lets see how long it lasts.
  • 3. I tightened the big green thing to the circular tube a little too hard and now I am unable to open it because I fear I might break it!!!
  • 4. If you break a part and need a replacement – the shipping is very expensive.

Overall, I think its expensive but very cheap as compared to other similar products available in the market. but I think its a decent buy for first time wheatgrass juicers. I have been using it for 6 months – except for the cleaning mess I find it pretty reasonable to use. Once this one breaks completely I plan to buy an automated one. But for the first timers, its a good buy. So, I would recommend it.

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