How To Stop Detox Symptoms

When you are undergoing any form of detoxification cleanses, fasts or other cleansing regime, it is most likely that you will experience healing crisis symptoms. While these are to be expected and possibly “loving endured” 🙂 it can help to move things along as quickly as possible.

There are certainly some things that you can do, to either shorten the duration of your healing crisis symptoms – or just to help you get through it.


How to Stop Detox Symptoms


But first, you can look at a stopping detox symptoms from two angles. To stop a healing crisis, you can either stop the cleanse (i.e. start eating normally again) OR you can speed it up. The most beneficial to you in the long run of course is to speed it up.

But first, if you need to understand more about what is causing you to feel so bad, check out this page here What is a healing crisis? so you can get a good idea of what is actually happening to you.

As the accumulated waste is being flushed out of deep hiding places, it is beneficial for you to help your body along with the elimination process. Below is a list of suggestions on how to stop detox symptoms or at least speed things up a little.

How To Stop Detox Symptoms


Soaking in a hot bath is not only relaxing – it opens the pores and allows easy elimination from the skin. The heat can help pull toxins from deep within the skin to the surface for release.

This is a scrumptious and really easy way to help get that toxic matter out of your system – much faster.

Some good additions to your bath water – to help with detox are bentonite clay and epsom salts. It is also good to add aromatherapy essential oils such as lemon, grapefruit and patchouli.

Dry Body Brushing:

Brushing your body with a soft, natural bristle brush is very stimulating to the skin. It encourages the easy elimination of toxins by stimulating the lymph nodes. This in turn helps improve blood circulation and the  elimination of toxins. Dry skin brushing also boosts the immune system. Plus, it just makes you feel good afterwards!

Enemas and Colonic Irrigation:

An enema is an extremely helpful way of how to stop detox symptoms. It will swiftly flush out toxic matter from the colon, which can be making you feel bad. Many people use coffee in their enemas, which encourages excretion of bile from the liver. This does a whole heap of good for getting that healing crisis causing build-up out of your body quickly. You can buy an enema kit here – make sure to get stainless steel!

For more information on helping the colon release build-up, I highly recommend this book: Inside Poop Book

Drink Lots Of Water

Drinking will increase urination, one of the main elimination systems. Making sure you are drinking enough fresh, clean water will help to flush waste out via the urine. Add some lemon juice to your water to really help things.

Gentle Exercise

Exercising increases heart rate, breathing and also makes you sweat. All of these are functions that are necessary to get those toxins out. By increasing any of these you will speed up the elimination process. However, if you are feeling really bad and weak, do not exercise – try a different method from above for how to stop detox symptoms. Because rest is what you need most.

Rest, Rest and MORE Rest

To help your body move it’s burden of toxic waste, take the pressure off it by making sure you are getting plenty of rest.

When you are being still, you free energy up so it can be used in the elimination process.

If you use any of these suggestion on how to stop detox symptoms, please drop a note below and share with us how you went.

If All Else Fails …

So, if nothing has worked and you are still feeling absolutely lousy and you just want it to stop. Then eat something COOKED. And that is how to stop detox symptoms almost immediately.

Now I don’t mean go eat a whole roast chicken! Just eat a small portion of something cooked … maybe a baked potato.

This works because when you dump cooked food into your system again, the body has to stop it’s healing process and focus on removing the cooked stuff you’ve eaten. Digesting de-natured food takes up a lot of the body’s energy.

How To Do A Detox

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