My First Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse

My First Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse

If you are offended by nasty photos of odd things that come out of people bodies, then look away now! 

My first Hulda Clark liver cleanse was kinda of difficult. Well, the actual process is not that difficult, but I hate grapefruit and found it hard to drink the mix, however I managed. I didn’t believe I would ever get to sleep, but the Ornithine that is part of the cleanse did it’s work quickly. Next thing I knew it was morning and I was off to the bathroom!

My GallstonesLuckily I was prepared. You never want to do such a radical cleanse and have nothing to show for it. I already had a sieve sitting over the toilet and when my bottom let fly, I was able to catch all manner of weird things that were expelled.

Unless you have ever done a cleanse like this, you will have no idea of the profound excitement you can get from examining your own toxic waste. I can’t really describe it.

It is amazement combined with disgust, combined with excitement, combined with disgust, and toss some disbelief in there too!

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, a quick rundown of the Clark liver cleanse (after some preparation stages) is this:

You drink two small glasses of Epsom salts in water, spaced apart and taken at a precise time. At bedtime, you have a (tasty :-P) drink of olive oil mixed with grapefruit juice and Black Walnut Tincture. After drinking this, you must quickly lay down and stay there until morning. It is very precisely timed.

Some people can actually feel stones from their gallbladder moving out. The Epsom salts relaxes and open the the bile duct valves, so there is no pain.

In the morning, you drink a third Epsom salts drink (working around your inevitable diarrhea) and two hours later the fourth and last one.

Below you can see what was expelled from my first ever liver cleanse.

The Results Of My First Liver Cleanse

Who Knew?

My Gallstones 3


Here are the results of my first liver cleanse. What average person has any idea they are carrying around these lumps of cholesterol and other matter, blocking up their system? And so many of them?

With each subsequent liver cleanse, the amount of stones expelled gets less and less, and they get smaller in size.

Of particular interest to me was a “thing” that was also expelled. I am sorry I didn’t have a decent camera back then, because I have no record of it, now. This “thing” was like a lump of flesh, but it had 6 legs? tentacles? coming out of it, each about one inch long. Eeeewww. What on earth was it and what was it doing in my liver?

I took it to the doctor to try and get it sent off to the lab for analysis. He was astounded and intrigued. “Where did you get that?” .. me … “Um, it came out of my liver” … he just blinked and didn’t believe me.

Remember … this was about 20 years ago, doctors are a little more open minded these days, but he was pretty blown away. However, to his credit, he did mollify me by sending it out for analysis, the results of which were extremely disappointing.

The report came back and said it was “some organic and some non-organic matter”. But it didn’t say what it actually was! Was it a cancer tumor? What exactly was the non-organic matter and how did it come to be in my liver? I will never know and wish I had kept my fine specimen and put it in formalin as a trophy.

The Astounding Results!

This video shows one man’s results from what was his first Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse. These are gall stones.

I can assure you that what you are about to see (if you are game enough) is relatively normal. I had similar results with my first cleanse, probably a much higher number of stones, but a little smaller in individual size. AND, I was a young, strong, fit and healthy girl in my mid-20’s when I completed my first liver cleanse.

The sad thing is that most people go to hospital and get operated on to have gall stones removed, when it is so simple and painless to do. It is recommended that healthy people do the liver cleanse every 6 months or so, to keep everything working in tiptop shape.

So, I hope you enjoy the video :-)…


Instructions for the Liver Cleanse

Cure For All Diseases Liver Flush

Instructions for Hulda Clark Liver CleanseThe complete protocol for Dr Clark Liver Cleanse is in her book The Cure For All Diseases.

It is not a simple recipe that you can read and just take. You need to prepare your body first, and to do the cleanse precisely, following the instructions and timing to the letter. If you don’t – it can make you feel sick.

Apart from that, the liver cleanse itself is very simple to undertake, and was used extensively in Hulda Clark’s own clinic on terminally ill people – with amazing results.

If you want to do the liver cleanse, I highly recommend that you grab a copy of the book for yourself, so you have all you need in the way of information and instructions.

You can buy Dr Clark’s book here at the best price: The Cure for All Cancers by Hulda Regehr Clark

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