Is Juicing Good For You

Is Juicing Good For You?

So, is juicing good for you – or just a fad? Most people are aware that eating fresh raw food is really good for your body. We get poor quality nutrients from all of the processed and cooked foods we eat nowadays.

There is a big problem in the western world with obesity and a lot of us are at least a little bit overweight. Even people who eat huge quantities of food are usually starving for true nutrition, essential proteins and amino acids. Consequently, we eat and eat and yet we’re still not nourished. Psychologists try to tell us we’re eating to make up for an emptiness in our souls. Wrong! Our bodies our empty and trying to tell us so.

Benefits of Juicing

 Is Juicing Good For You


Eating raw foods is good for us on so many levels. It makes our bodies feel great when we eat them. They take more time to chew and swallow, so we don’t eat as fast or as much. And we’re getting so much more in the way of nutrition by consuming raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and sprouts.

However, it can take a bit of time, thought and preparation to serve your family up healthy raw meals, and this is one reason why adding a juice extractor to your kitchen appliances is an important thing to do.

Fresh Homemade Orange Juice

If you are serious about raw foods then the benefits of juicing will really appeal to you. A good juicer can process an entire apple – seeds, stems, peel, pulp and all – and turn all that into a healthy, nutritious drink.

Buying store bought apple juice is simply not the same thing at all. You would be best to save up the money you are spending on buying commercial juices and put that towards purchasing a good quality juice extractor.

Then you can make your own juices and get the top quality nutrition from the fruit and vegetables that you would get by eating it raw. Now you’re getting juice that’s as fresh as the fruit or vegetable you made it from.

Your homemade juice has no preservatives or added chemicals and no processing that strips most of the quality from the produce.

And think of all the delicious combinations you can make with the many tropical fruits that are available now in most grocery stores. The ability to give your body a super nutrition boost in a few minutes will be in your hands.

So have a good look around my website and read some of my juicing articles. I have good juicer reviews to help steer your in the best direction if you are going to purchase yourself a juice extractor. And remember that you can leave comments in the section below each article if you would like to.

So – Is Juicing Good For You? You bet!

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