Laughter The Best Medicine

Is Laughter The Best Medicine?

Is this true? Is Laughter The Best Medicine of all? Well, it is not only is it the cheapest form of therapy you will ever find, and is accessibly to everyone – everywhere. But research is now proving that laughter is right up there in importance, when it comes to your health.

This page is dedicated just to videos to make you laugh. So go on, go get yourself a cup of tea, relax and let nature do it’s work. And it is good to replay those videos that get you laughing hysterically – it’ is sooooo good for you. If you need help with stress, please book mark this page and come back when you need to.

Laughter Videos

I usually find the tone of laughing babies to be the most infectious, so these are my first choice when I need brightening up. I hope you enjoy yourself. And if you know of another great laughing baby video I should add here, please leave a comment in the message field below.

Laughing Baby Video No 1



Laughing Baby Video No 2



Laughing Baby Video No 3



Laughing Baby Video No 4



So, is laughter the best medicine? I certainly believe so!!!

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