What are Super Foods?

While most fruits, vegetables, nut and seeds etc are usually beneficial nutritionally, there are a number of foods that pack an extra powerful punch. Providing often unique and exceptional benefits, these most healthiest foods are often referred to as the “SuperFoods”.

Research in recent years has discovered (and is finding more all the time) a variety of special, nutrient dense foods that have been shown to heighten overall health in humans. These Superfoods usually supply us with less calories, greater levels of vitamins and minerals, along with many disease combating antioxidant properties.

Superfoods Fresh Broccoli

I recently watched an interview with Ringo Starr of the Beetles. I was amazed at how young he looked and was trying to figure out how old he must be. The reporter actually asked him about this, and Ringo’s answer was that he absolutely adored broccoli and ate some every single day of his life!

It certainly showed on his face – his skin was translucent and glowing. Pretty impressive I thought for a male of his age. (Fresh broccoli is lovely to eat raw with some homemade nut and seed dip).

How Do You Use Superfoods?

Consider eating a lot more of your food in it’s fresh, raw state for starters. There are amazing recipes for raw food that will astound you if you have never been exposed to this type of eating before. Try starting off with one whole meal made entirely of raw foods – once a week. Once you find out how easy it is and how good you feel, you can experiment with different superfood recipes.

But mostly, the secret is just to add a small serving of as many super foods into your diet each day as you can. This can be as easy as a sprinkle of nuts or dried fruit onto your breakfast cereal, or a delicious smoothie made with blended superfood ingredients. For your snacks, try raw veges and fruits instead of cookies and snack bars.

And consider changing your hot drinks (coffee, hot chocolate, black tea) to green tea, as even one or two cups a day will provide you with great health benefits.

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SuperFood Information

Amazing Raw Meal:

We often have our entire evening meal of raw vegetables; carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes etc (note these are all on my super foods list). And these are accompanied by a yummy hommus dip – which is made from raw, soaked chick peas. We find this to be a really filling and satisfying meal, without overfilling us.

And what is even better is there is next to no cleaning up to do afterwards! Just a couple of plates (which are normally licked almost clean anyway) and a knife. The scraps and any leftovers go straight into the worm farm.

What I love about these types of meals is that they look so great. They are bright and colorful, real eye candy as well as being good for you!

Superfoods Apricots

Stock Your Pantry With The Best Superfoods:

Check out my list of super foods and stock up your pantry with some of these health promoting foods. Nuts, seeds and dried fruit will keep well. That way you can be sure you will always have some super nutrition at your fingers – especially when your belly is yelling for something sweet and quick.

For example, just a handful of nuts is very satisfying. A few dried apricots will satisfy any sweet craving and also stop those hunger pains in their tracks.

Although nuts, seeds and dried fruits are much better for you after they have been soaked, they are still better than nothing or eating an unhealthy “quick fix”.

Also, make sure to keep a good supply of fresh fruit and vegetables. These are also very handy for quick snacks. An apple or a carrot will give you a boost. You can make a lovely smoothie by popping in whatever fruits you have into a blender.

Juicing is another good way to get a nutrient hit when you need one fast. Juices are pure nutrition. With next to no fiber they are easily and quickly digested to give you energy fast. Juices are also very good for cutting out cravings, so they are especially helpful when you are on a diet.

Most of the problems people have with cravings are not because they are simply hungry – but that their poor body is crying out for nutrients, their cells need feeding so they can do their job properly. This can translate as cravings for sweet things but those cells don’t want just any old thing to stop the hunger – they want real nutrients – real fuel. When you supply your body with quality nutrition, those crazy cravings just don’t happen any more!


Superfoods Raspberries


Superfoods Blueberries


Superfoods Strawberries



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