The Health Benefits of Juicing

The Health Benefits of Juicing: Are there major health benefits of juicing? Everyone knows that for better health, you needs to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, and usually a lot more than is in your current diet.

Various health studies have consistently correlated vegetables and fruits with positive health effects  such as lowering blood pressure, lowering the risks of heart disease, stroke and cancer, as well as reduced risks for eye and digestive problems.

The Health Benefits of Juicing

The USDA recommends from 5 to 13 servings of vegetables and fruits daily in people’s diets. For a person who needs 2,000 calories a day, this would translate to around 4 ½ cups of vegetables and fruits daily, that is, 2 cups of fruits and 2 ½ cups of vegetables, not including potatoes as they are classified under starchy foods. Unfortunately, most Americans consume only around 1 ½ to 3 cups of vegetables and fruits daily.

For health-conscious people who seriously want to meet the ideal amount of vegetables and fruits in their diet, the increasingly popular way to achieve this is through juicing. Juicing is the process of squeezing out the juice from vegetables and fruits, separating the juice from the fibrous pulp.

Health Benefits of Juicing:

It is much easier to drink a glass or two of vegetable and/or fruit juices rather than to eat two or more pounds of produce each day! Aside from meeting the recommended daily dietary quota, the juicing of raw vegetables and fruits preserves their vitamin and mineral content, a lot of which are destroyed during the cooking process. And if consumed straight after the extraction of said juices, then you get maximum benefit.

In addition, drinking of freshly squeezed juices also provides the body with a rich, natural source of anti-oxidants and enzymes not found in their pasteurized grocery counterparts.

The advocates of juicing will also let you know about the fact that juices are extremely easy for the body to assimilate. This helps give a swift boost to your energy and stamina. While it normally takes hours for solid food to be completely digested, juices are assimilated within only fifteen minutes of drinking them. And what is more – they command very little from the reserves of your digestive system energy.

It is a little known fact that the digestive processes take up a massive amount of our energy – so by freeing up this energy, your body has a chance to do some long needed house-cleaning for itself!

Apart from that, the digestive enzymes that come with the raw produce are preserved during juicing. The body is able to use the enzymes in the fresh juice in the digestive process, instead of using up and relying solely on the body’s own enzyme reserves.

Now that you have an idea of some of the health benefits of juicing, I reckon that you will probably be pretty keen to get started!

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