The Wheatgrass Book by Ann Wigmore

The Wheatgrass Book by Ann Wigmore

How to Grow and Use Wheatgrass to Maximize Your Health and Vitality by Dr Ann Wigmore. 

Dr Ann Wigmore was one of the first and most prominent advocators of the raw food revolution, and the woman who first introduced wheatgrass juice to America over 30 years ago.

How To Grow Wheatgrass

In this book, Dr Ann Wigmore tells you everything you need to know about wheatgrass. From why to use it, how to use it and exactly how to grow wheatgrass from A to Z. Nothing is left out.

Dr Wigmore writes in a down to earth fashion that is easy to understand and follow.

The Wheatgrass Book contains a wealth of information on wheatgrass, from its nutrient properties – to ways of easily growing it for the home juicer.

Dr Wigmore gives you a complete and thorough analysis of the incredible powers of wheatgrass and how it can improve your health.

Chapters in The Wheatgrass Book include:

  • Green power from wheatgrass
  • How wheatgrass chlorophyll works
  • Super nutrition from wheatgrass
  • How to grow and juice wheatgrass
  • The many uses of wheatgrass

This is a must for the person serious about wanting to learn how to grow wheatgrass and how to incorporate it into his or her health regimen.

The book is an easy read instructional wheatgrass “bible”. It is in softcover and has 126 pages.

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Reviews on The Wheatgrass Book:

5.0 out of 5 stars Very informative says Carmen Mottola:

This review is from: The Wheatgrass Book: How to Grow and Use Wheatgrass to Maximize Your Health and Vitality

This is a must have-must read for a rawfoodist or otherwise healthnut. Ann Wigmore is truly a legend that has saved many lives with her protocols.

5.0 out of 5 stars Learn everything about wheatgrass: natures super fuel says Brandon:

This review is from: The Wheatgrass Book: How to Grow and Use Wheatgrass to Maximize Your Health and Vitality

Get off all the nasty fake food supplements (Cytomax, muscle milk, bunk vitamins etc) & give your body what it really deserves: A nice 3 ounce glass of freshly pressed wheatgrass. If you truly believe that you can gain more buy eating dead food as apposed to real living foods like wheatgrass, you still have much to learn. Do yourself a favor and get this book today. You wount regret it, & with copyies on amazon constantly selling for less than a dollar what do you have to lose? A few bucks? Wake up.

5.0 out of 5 stars says Alejandra Vernon:

Ann Wigmore, the author of many books on the value of a raw food diet, initially found herself at 50 years old with many debilitating physical problems, and remembered how her grandmother had used grasses to heal the soldiers in WWI, and decided to experiment with their curative properties. Wigmore was a vibrant 76 when she wrote this book in 1985, with her weight the same as it was in her youth, and her hair returned to its natural brown. She explains everything you need to know about wheatgrass, and there is a lot to know about this most basic of all plants.

In the early chapters she notes the scientific data, Chapter 6 is about what wheatgrass can do for you, including weight control by “speeding up blood circulation and metabolic rate”. Chapter 7 has instructions on how to grow it and juice it, and in Chapter 8, the many uses, including some nice mixtures to juice up a tasty and nutritious “green drink”.

Wigmore explains “free radicals”, and the damage they do to our cells, enzymes, and the power of chlorophyll, which is plentiful in wheatgrass. It is also an excellent source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A (in the form of carotene), B Complex, Vitamin E, and minerals like calcium and zinc.

Wigmore describes how to set up an indoor growing area, but for those of us who live in all-year-around temperate climates like Southern California, can like me set up a growing corner on a patio. I use roasting pans, buy my wheat at the local health food store (the red wheat is delicious, and very inexpensive), and use good soil.

Wheatgrass is powerful, so it’s good to know all you can about it before using it, and adhere to the warnings to start with small quantities.

An invaluable book for anyone interested in joining “The Green Revolution”, to improve their health, need less sleep, and enjoy the many other advantages of wheatgrass, and if you have cats, they’ll like to nibble on it too.

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