What Is A Healing Crisis?

What Is A Healing Crisis? Along with any detox program can come some unexpected symptoms for the uninitiated, usually referred to as a healing crisis. What is a healing crisis, you ask?

At the beginning of a change to a better diet, or a starting on a fast, your lymphocytes get to work flushing out and dumping toxic residues that are stored deep in your tissues. This toxic build-up that pollutes your system is now being burned up. The results is that your elimination systems (breath, skin, urine, stool etc) and your bloodstream are flooded with these carcinogenic substances. This usually results in some form of discomfort.

When the rousted out toxins enter the bloodstream, they can have an effect on your emotions as well as your body. Ketones, an intermediary metabolic product, can accumulate in the bloodstream to high levels, and cause ketoacidosis. This, along with high levels of urea from protein metabolism, usually is the cause of healing crisis symptoms.

Healing Crisis Symptoms:

The strength and type of healing crisis symptoms range hugely – depending on the individual. They may be as mild as only a headache or two. They can include dizziness, weakness, apathy, depression, mood swings, nausea, general discomfort and malaise. They can even cause very physical symptoms such as muscle pains and back ache. They may be violent as in explosive diarrhea. Or you may even be one of the luck people who never have any detox symptoms at all.


What Is A Healing Crisis?

Keep Close To Home At First!


Most often, these detox symptoms are cyclical and you will experience highs and lows, alternately. As you move on in your healing process, you will become cleaner and your energy will increase – until your body enters another cleaning cycle. Changes from experiencing a high – to a low – can happen within a couple of hours, going from a healing crisis low due to toxin expulsion – to the high of an energy peak.

Emotional Detox Symptoms:

During a fast or a cleansing program, you should be aware that emotional detox symptoms can and do happen. And that they can strike unexpectedly. You may at one moment be leaping around with exhilaration, and then suddenly take a nose dive into having disturbing emotions. This can be particularly upsetting if you are unprepared, and do not know what is happening. This is all a part of your body doing it’s chore of cleansing – and the cycles can alternate between two very different emotional states.

At some stages in your cleanse you will feel totally amazing, and then when in the cleansing state, you can feel pretty crappy. Feeling good is a great sign that your cleanse is moving along well – and the feeling bad bit is just a necessary part of your detoxification process. Each individual will have different experiences, and it is difficult to predict what you personally will have happen. Many people will give up a cleanse simply because they are unaware of this low part of the healing process, and do not understand that it is a good sign.

Stopping A Healing Crisis?

Going through a healing crisis is the hardest part of any cleansing process. To stop feeling so low, people tend to want to eat something. This is is not a good idea as putting your digestive system to work only increases the load on your system. However, if you want to stop detox symptoms that are too much for you to handle – or at least slow them down, then this is the way to do it.

There are things that you can to to help your body move more quickly through these healing crisis lows. Anything you can do the help remove the toxins from your system faster will be beneficial. Go here to read how to stop detox symptoms

It Is All Good!

When you are in the middle of nasty healing crisis – just remember that it is all good! Your body is simply getting rid of years of accumulated toxins. When you come out the other end, you will have lost weight, be feeling energetic and healthy, your skin will glow and you will have added years to your expected life-span. Not too shabby in return for just a little discomfort, don’t you agree?

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