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Yoga Postures Posters Online

Do you Yoga? If you don’t it is easy to learn and an excellent way to get fit and strong. If you do, well then, you already know! For anyone – experienced Yogi or beginner, below are the best Yoga postures posters to help keep you on track.

These Yoga wall posters and charts are suitable for your home, office or your Yoga room. Including some ideal Yoga posters for children, along with yoga poses poster for beginners. And a good range from basic yoga poses poster thru to uncommon yoga poses.

Starting a yoga practice routine can be a challenge in itself, and a lot of people do not feel confident to go to a yoga class to learn. There is the option of  finding a good yoga posture chart or yoga exercises chart online and trying to learn yoga at home by yourself.

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However, like anything it is always best to get professional help. Often it is not really possible to be able to tell if you are performing the yoga moves chart postures properly, and even gaining any benefit from them at all.

There is also the strong possibility that the yoga poses are beyond your level of fitness. And you certainly do not want to injure yourself! You really should take time to learn the basics properly before you can move on to the more complicated poses that you will find on a yoga exercises chart.

It can be very helpful to just see the different yoga poses that are used. And if you do end up taking a class, then yoga charts will help you to get your poses correct when working out by yourself at home.

Yoga Sun Salutation Sequence Poster

Yoga Sun Salutation Sequence Poster

A good Yoga moves chart is, strangely enough, not all that easy to find online, so here I have selected some that I have found that are pretty decent. However, please remember that it is not a good idea to start a yoga workout routine without first being taught properly. You do NOT want to inadvertently injure yourself.

I hope you find a really nice poster or yoga chart, one that keeps you motivated and inspired, and is just what you are looking for. And also check out: Yoga Meditation Posters

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General Yoga Postures Posters

Great Yoga Asanas Charts

These Yoga charts below are a great place to buy your posters from, as you can choose from a number of different size options.

These particular Yoga posters are probably for the more experienced devotee, and would make handy gifts for yoga lovers with a little experience.

You can click on any image for a better view and more information on each chart.

Core 26 Yoga Posts Print Chart
Core 26 Yoga Posts Print Chart

84 Asanas, Level 1 Posters
84 Asanas, Level 1 Posters

Seamm-Jasani 58 Movements Eternal Youth
Seamm-Jasani: 58 Movements for Eternal Youth Print

84 Yoga Asanas Poster84 Yoga Asanas Poster


Bikram Yoga Postures Posters Chart

Yoga Challenge Poster by Tony Sanchez

A Bikram Yoga Poses Chart

Bikram Yoga Poses Chart

For followers of the Bikram Yoga style, this is a very popular poster.

It covers all of the asanas in the Bikram Yoga series. There is also additional poses for extra variety by Tony Sanchez.

The poses in the poster feature Tony Sanchez, himself, along with extra interesting graphics.

Tony has also contributed his personal quotes and best tips. The poses are shown with their names in English.

At 22″ x 32″, Bikram Yoga Postures Posters Chart is a fantastic resource for any Bikram devotee.

It will be appreciated by a home user and it is even a very practical chart to have in a Yoga studio.

Buy this yoga chart here: Tony Sanchez Yoga Chart

Yoga Infographic Poster

Yoga Infographic PosterYoga Infographic Poster

Poster of 100 different Yoga poses

This is a rather attractive and decorative poster of  different Yoga asanas (poses).

It is not only pretty, but all the poses are named right underneath each one, so you know exactly which Asana you are looking at – or attempting to perform!

This yoga chart comes in any size you need. Starting at 4 inches x 6 inches and going incrementally up to 27.61″ x 60.00″.

The very large size is great, because it makes it easy to see the poses well.

If you are looking for a Yoga related gift, then this poster would be a good choice for any Yoga devotee.

Buy this poster here: Yoga Infographic


Yoga Poses Poster Chart For Kids

Yoga Poses Poster Chart For KidsCore Yoga Poses Poster Chart For Kids.

This is a really nice Yoga postures poster for children.

What I really like about it – apart from the attractive style and coloring, is that children can see another “littley” doing Yoga poses. What a great encouragement, and will surely help your children want to learn Yoga.

Most children will enjoy practicing Yoga. It is a very health exercise for them and also a great way to help them remain flexible. Kids are usually flexible to start with – help them keep that into their adulthood.

Yoga is something that – when learned at a young age – will keep on giving for the rest of your children’s life.

See if you your kids like these Yoga poses charts, and if they think that they will look good in your children’s room.

Buy this yoga postures posters here: Kids Yoga Chart

Sun Salutation Poster

General Yoga Posters

Inspiring Yoga Imagery for Your Home or Workplace

Yoga makes for a lovely topic for graphics and decor, and there are some very beautiful and inspiring yoga wall posters for sale.

Below I have just a few of what you can find. Click any image to learn more about it, and to find a whole lot more beautiful Yoga artwork.

Yin Yang, Tree of Life, Women, Yoga PosterYin Yang, Tree of Life, Women

Ashtang Yoga poster for Yoga studiosAshtang for Yoga studios

Pink Lotus Flower Yoga Healing Health PosterPink Lotus Flower Yoga Healing

Chakras Art Poster -Gradient Meditation YogaChakras Art Meditation


Lotus flower mandala poster
Lotus flower mandala poster

Pink Waterlily Buddha Quote Posters
Pink Waterlily With Buddha Quote Poster

Spa Treatment Poster
Spa Treatment Poster


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