Yoga Related Gifts

Trying To Find Yoga Related Gifts?

What do Yoga lovers like to get given as gifts? Far from being difficult, as long as you know the person relatively well, you should be able to find awesome Yoga related gifts – that they will love and treasure.

There are a wide range of products that make great, unique Yoga presents, from Yoga T Shirts to jewelry, from Yoga mats to figurines, from Yoga posters to coffee mugs.

Ideas for Yoga Related Gifts


Keep in mind that yoga devotees are usually rather spiritually minded, and that may help you with your selection of the perfect gift for them.

Have a browse below where I have a range of gift ideas for Yoga lovers, and see if anything tickles your fancy. Honestly, there is something in every price range to suit all tastes.

Yoga Related Gifts – Ideas

An awesome gift for any Yogi – beginner or experienced – is a gift certificate to YogaDownloads! They can then take a yoga class anywhere, any time they want. And with some of the world’s best teachers, too. Click the picture below for more information on this wonderful Yoga related gift idea.

Yoga Download Gift Certificate

A Yoga Mat Makes An EXCELLENT Gift

Yoga mats are always appreciated and always needed.

A good Yoga mat is pretty much a requirement for anyone who is serious about practicing Yoga. It cushions your pointy bits from the hard surface of the floor. Although not a mattress, just this small amount of give – adds comfort.

A yoga mat should be light and portable, so a roll-up or a bag is good. When buying a yoga mat as a gift, keep in mind the color preferences of your “giftee”. Do they like strong colors, or do they prefer gentle, subtle hues? Or perhaps they would prefer a printed yoga mat that has a symbolic spiritual message?

Here is a nice selection of different styles of yoga mats that may make a suitable gift. And if you would like to see some more options and choices, check out my page here: Good Yoga mats

Barefoot Yoga Hybrid Eco Mat - 1/4 InchBarefoot Yoga Hybrid Eco Mat – 1/4 InchSee at BareFoot YogaBarefoot Yoga Hybrid Eco Mat - 1/6 InchBarefoot Yoga Hybrid Eco Mat – 1/6 InchSee at BareFoot YogaBarefoot Yoga Performance Grip Mat - Lifetime WarrantyBarefoot Yoga Performance Grip Mat – Lifetime WarrantySee at BareFoot YogaNatural Jute And Per Eco-Friendly Yoga MatNatural Jute And Per Eco-Friendly Yoga MatSee at BareFoot YogaManduka Black Mat Pro - For Performance & LongevityManduka Black Mat Pro – For Performance & LongevitySee at BareFoot Yoga


What About a Yoga Bag For A Great Gift Idea?

A specially designed Yoga bag makes a very good gift for yoga lovers. They come plain or themed and are able to carry around all the necessary equipment for practicing Yoga.

Here is a range of nice Yoga bags for you to consider from Barefoot Yoga. Their Yoga bags are known for their high quality construction, durability. And for being available in a vast array of designs and colors, making them stand out in the yoga accessories market.

Cotton Jacquard Yoga Mat BagCotton Jacquard Yoga Mat BagSee at BareFoot YogaSari Pattern Yoga Mat BagsSari Pattern Yoga Mat BagsSee at BareFoot YogaCotton Velvet Yoga Mat BagCotton Velvet Yoga Mat BagSee at BareFoot YogaCotton Canvas Yoga Mat BagCotton Canvas Yoga Mat BagSee at BareFoot Yoga


Yoga Kit – All in One

 Eco-Friendly Yoga PackageSee at BareFoot Yoga

Now this is a really lovely set of everything needed for Yoga – and Eco-friendly products to boot!

This is BareFoot Yoga’s Excellent Eco Yoga Package.

It is complete with 3 necessary Yoga products, all made from Eco-friendly materials.

The Eco-Yoga package includes:

  • A Hybrid Eco Mat – made with no toxic chemicals. There are seven different, vibrant colors to choose from.
  • A pair of Eco Yoga Blocks – sustainably made. Choose from wood, cork or non-toxic foam.
  • A Colorful Mexican Blanket – made of recycled yarn. You get to choose from a large range of colors & patterns.

Click here to see this Kit at BareFoot Yoga

Bamboo Yoga Blocks – A Very Original Gift Idea!

A gift with thought behind it, a Yoga block is a practical gift for beginners and experienced yogi’s alike! Blocks are used improve the alignment when performing poses and also can increase the difficulty of the pose.

Yoga blocks come in different types, most commonly made from a sturdy foam.

Bamboo is special. It has qualities similar to those promoted by yoga, such as flexibility and yielding under pressure but not breaking. Bamboo is believed to promote a calm mind and also stimulates creativity. Buddha’s favorite places were bamboo groves.

So, I reckon a Yoga Block made of bamboo would be a rather well appreciated gift for a yoga lover. Here is a selection:

Bamboo Yoga Block - stable and functional as wood, but extremely light weight and much more eco-friendlyBamboo Yoga Block – stable and functional as wood, but extremely light weight and much more eco-friendlySee at BareFoot Yoga


Bamboo Yoga Block - Eco-FriendlyBamboo Yoga Block – Eco-FriendlySee at BareFoot YogaFoam Yoga Block - Eco-FriendlyFoam Yoga Block – Eco-FriendlySee at BareFoot Yoga


Yoga T Shirts as Gifts

T Shirts always come in hand. I reckon a person can never have too many. If you would like to see a whole page dedicated to cool Tees, visit this page: Cool Yoga Tee Shirts.

These below are great, as they are completely customizable – by the buyer – before they are purchased. You are able to change the color and style of the T Shirt. You are able to change or completely delete the text, if there is any. You can change the size and placement of the image. And also, you can choose from a range of different Yoga T Shirt Styles:

Enso Breathe Yoga ShirtEnso Breathe Yoga Shirt

Yoga Pose T-ShirtYoga Pose T-Shirt

I Heart Down Dog - Baby Yoga Clothes Baby T-ShirtI Heart Down Dog

Ask Believe Receive Men's Organic T-ShirtAsk Believe Receive

Yoga Tree Pose (Vrksasana) Poem T-shirtYoga Tree Pose Vrksasana

Yoga Girls Are Twisted T-ShirtYoga Girls Are Twisted

Namaste Lotus Flower Yoga ShirtNamaste Lotus Flower

Namaste Lotus Flower Yoga ShirtNamaste Lotus Flower

Colorful Yoga Design T-ShirtColorful Yoga Design

Yoga toddler shirtYoga toddler shirt

Forever Yoga Logo T-shirt (Woman's)Forever Yoga Logo

Artistic Om - Long-Sleeve Yoga ShirtsArtistic Om – Long-Sleeve

Chakra Tree T-ShirtChakra Tree T-Shirt

Om mani padme hum T-ShirtOm mani padme hum T-Shirt

Simple Zen Yoga Om Calligraphy Silhouette T-shirtZen Yoga Om Calligraphy


Yoga Posters and Prints

Yoga Posters and Wall Hangings also make lovely yoga related gifts. Yoga is such a beautiful practice, and this is reflected in the range of gorgeous and inspirational wall art that can be found.

Here are some lovely posters and prints, some with inspirational quotes that any Yoga lover would appreciated being given. When choosing yoga related gifts for decorating a home, just make sure that you choose something that goes with their decor – and you can’t go wrong.

Here are some lovely choices from RedBubble. And of course there is a massive range, should you like something a little different.

Namaste - Rose Quartz Photographic Wall PrintNamaste – Rose Quartz Photographic Wall PrintSee at RedBubbleSpiritual Yoga Meditation Zen Wall PhotoSpiritual Yoga Meditation Zen Wall PhotoSee at RedBubbleOM Namaste Yoga Pose with Mountain & ForestOM Namaste Yoga Pose with Mountain & ForestSee at RedBubble


Yoga Related Gifts – Coffee Mugs!

Always a great fall-back when you are stuck for yoga related gifts. Yoga themed mugs are a top choice of gift and usually always appreciated.

Here are just a couple of the wide range of Yoga coffee mugs available. These mugs are great because you can choose to customize them if you want to. Add some text, a special message, or change the style and color of the mug.

Funny Yoga MugFunny Yoga Mug

Yoga, Eat, Sleep, Repeat Coffee Mug, Two-Tone Coffee MugYoga, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Yoga Chakras Coffee MugYoga Chakras Coffee Mug

Keep Calm and Do Yoga Coffee MugKeep Calm and Do Yoga

Stick figure of tree yoga pose with Sanskrit text. Frosted Glass Coffee MugStick figure Yoga Pose

Om Ohm Aum Namaste Yoga Symbol Coffee MugOm Namaste Yoga Symbol

Peace Love Yoga Giant Coffee MugPeace Love Yoga Giant Coffee Mug

7 Chakras Coffee Mug7 Chakras Coffee Mug

HP5089 Harold’s Planet Yoga

OM-Shanti/Yoga Tea CupOM-Shanti/Yoga

Yoga Chick Coffee MugYoga Chick Mug

Yoga Pose Silhouette Sunrise Tea or Coffee MugYoga Pose Silhouette Sunrise

I Heart Yoga MugI Heart Yoga Mug

Yoga Namaste Tea or Coffee MugYoga Namaste

Yoga MugYoga Mug

Heart Om Sign - Mug for Yoga LoversHeart Om Sign

Crown Chakra/Yoga MugCrown Chakra

Namaste Vivid Lotus Yoga MugNamaste Vivid Lotus

Om Gift Coffee MugOm Gift Mug

Yoga Makes Me Happy Coffee MugYoga Makes Me Happy


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